Bedwars: Complete Lian Kit Guide + Tips & Tricks

A new kit for you to try out!

Bedwars Complete Lian Kit Guide + Tips & Tricks

Learning a new set of skills or a kit in a game can be daunting for most people. Especially if the game has a lot of them and you don’t have the time or resources to test them all out. That’s why you’ll want to know what the kit does first!

In Bedwars, each player can pick a kit they can use in matches against other players. These kits can give them different skills and abilities that can help them fight. One of those kits is the Lian and it’s a projectile-heavy kit.

In this guide, we’ll show you what the Lian kit does in the game. We’ll go through the abilities and some tips and tricks for using it.

Complete Lian Kit Guide + Tips & Tricks

With the new update in Bedwars, the developers have added a new kit to the game. The Lian Kit is a fighter-class kit that you can get with the game’s new Lunar Bundle 2024 for 799 Robux. You can also buy it directly for a cheaper 399 Robux if you don’t want the bundle.

Lian Kit Abilities

The Lian kit has two abilities that it can use and they’re both similar to each other. It’s all tied to the kit’s swords that will be flying around your character. The abilities are easy to use and can be great in doing the combos we’ll be covering later. Now let’s see what the moves are.

SIDE NOTE: Knowing the moves is just half the battle, you’ll also need to know how to properly do PVP. Here’s a detailed guide on how to PVP in the game!

Dragon Sword

When you spawn in the game you’ll have 3 Dragon Swords floating around you. When you use this ability you’ll shoot out a sword that locks onto an enemy within 8 blocks. The sword itself deals 70% damage to the strongest melee weapon you have.

Bedwars Dragon Sword

As you survive, your Dragon Swords will slowly replenish. It takes 13 seconds for a new Dragon Sword to spawn for you. This move has a cooldown of 2 seconds, so keep that in mind.

Dragon Sword Ult

When you activate this move, all of your available swords will go in a triangle formation around you. They’ll then strike the ground dealing AOE damage around where they land with a 7-block radius. The damage of each sword is 150% of your strongest sword and has 50% armor penetration.

Bedwars Dragon Sword Ult

NOTE: One of the swords will always land in front of you which can be your guide in aiming this ability.

Each of the swords also applies burn damage to those who are hit. The burn damage deals 2 points per second for 5 seconds. The ability is a bit tricky to land so you’ll need to do some practice.

Tips & Combos

If you’re new to using this kit, it might be tricky to use the abilities. The Dragon Sword only works when there’s an enemy nearby. It won’t work when you don’t have a Dragon Sword up, so make sure you know if you have some or not.

All abilities can hit two blocks above you so keep that in mind, especially with the Dragon Sword Ult.

Bedwars Dragon Sword Combo

A great combo that you can do is when you have 2 or more swords. You’ll want to hit an enemy with a Dragon Sword and then immediately follow it up with a Dragon Sword Ult. It’s a great burst combo that can deal a lot of knockback.

That’s how the Lian Kit works in Roblox Bedwars. Now, go out there and try to use it yourself! All that knowledge won’t be useful if you just fall off the map from knockback. Check out our guide on taking no knockback in the game!


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