BedWars: How To Take No Knockback

Stand your ground with these simple steps!

Bedwars gameplay screenshot.

BedWars is a Roblox game all about working with your teammates to destroy the other teams’ beds and prevent them from spawning back in.

There are many different kits to choose from, and they each affect your playstyle by a lot, giving players a ton of variety when it comes to how they want to approach the game.

In this guide, we’ll briefly be showing you how you can essentially prevent knockback from affecting you whenever you get hit.

How To Take No Knockback

Knockback is an essential mechanic to keep in mind when it comes to combat in BedWars. This is because throwing people off the map is one way to kill enemy players.

With the recent update to the game, one of the balance changes that the developers made was to give Eldertree kit users additional 5% knockback reduction for every orb that they collect.

BedWars eldertree vs player

For those who are unaware, Eldertree is already considered to be a relatively powerful kit that can continue to scale in both size and maximum HP as they collect orbs around the map.

Now, they also get scaling knockback reduction by playing normally, which is a huge game changer as it pretty much prevents you from falling off the map due to an enemy’s attacks.

Because of this, you can easily win duels where your enemy tries to build directly upwards. This is because you have the advantage of being an immovable object, while they can easily be knocked off into the void.

BedWars eldertree on high tower

The only downside to utilizing this kit for this purpose is that other players can also use the same strategy against you.

It is highly likely that a lot of players will be using Eldertree due to this recent change, so be prepared to face other immovable foes.

BedWars fighting an eldertree user

And that is pretty much all you need to know when it comes to preventing any form of knockback in BedWars. It is a rather niche thing to do, but it works wonders, especially when you’re facing players who don’t pay attention to all of the balance changes being made to the game.

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