Best Easy Platinum Games For Under $10 – PS4 & PS5

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There are a lot of new games for the PS4 and PS5. However, most of them come with a hefty price. Gaming does not have to be expensive and this article will give you the best 4 Platinum Games for the PS4 and PS5 that costs under $10. 

How to Purchase Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire

There is currently a bundle for the Pretty Mahjong Solitaire Green and Blue version on the website store for under $10. This bundle will give you a total of 4 games which can give you Platinum trophies once you complete all the trophies in the game. 

How to get the Platinum trophy for Mahjong Solitaire

To easily get the Platinum trophies for all 4 games, you need to turn on the easy mode in the settings. You need to play the first 3 characters in the game and each character will have 4 stages and each stage has 3 rounds.

This means that you need to play a total of 12 rounds for each character and a total of 36 rounds for the whole game. You can also use powerups to get through the game easier and claim your Platinum trophy. 

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