How To Get Frozen Forest Quest/Snowblind & Moon Cavern Location in Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition

Time to explore the Frozen Forest!

How To Get Frozen Forest Quest Snowblind Moon Cavern Location In Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition

When it comes to December a lot of games usually release their holiday updates that are filled with free stuff and content. It’s the season of giving after all and most games give out freebies for new and old players alike.

In Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition, there’s often a weekly update in December releasing all sorts of content like quests and limited badges.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to do the Frozen Forest Quest so you can get a free badge. We’ll also show you where to find the Moon Cavern in the game that’s needed for the quest!

How To Get Frozen Forest Quest/Snowblind & Moon Cavern Location

When December rolls around the Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition game often gives out weekly updates for the month filled with fun stuff.

From new items, players can get to new quests and missions and even new maps. This year you get to go to the Frozen Forest and once you are there, you’ll get the quest with the same name.

Starting The Frozen Forest Quest

To start this quest, you’ll see a snowflake icon on the right side of the screen. Click on it and it’ll show you the quest where you can enter the world.

Once you’ve done that, it should automatically start the quest.

Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition Frozen Forest Quest

When you enter the world you have a choice of choosing either of these clans:

  • Frost Clan
  • Stone Wardens
  • Rogues & Loners

How To Complete Frozen Forest Quest

The quest is an exploration quest where you go around and look for points of interest. First, choose the Frost Clan and this should already progress you through 3 discoveries.

Once you’ve done that, reset your character and rejoin as the Stone Wardens this time. This will give you another discovery.

Finally, do it all over again and join the Rogue & Loners for another discovery.

Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition Discoveries

Now that you have 5 discoveries for the quest, reset again and join the Frost Clan. Then, head to the area shown below and follow the path.

Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition Path To Forbidden Territories

After a few minutes of following that path, you should be able to find another Discovery which is the Forbidden Territories.

The 7th and last Discovery is the Moon Cavern which is a bit harder to find since it’s underground. For more details, check out our guide on how to reach the Moon Cavern location.

Snowblind Badge

Once you’ve found all 7 of the discoveries in the Frozen Forest, you’ll be automatically given the Snowblind badge!

Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition Snowblind Badge

That’s how you can get the Frozen Forest Quest and how to finish it in Warrior Cats Ultimate Edition. Now, go out there and try to finish it yourself!

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