Best Souls Tier List in Undertale Last Corridor

Learn what each soul does and what’s the best!

Besst Souls Tier List In Undertale Last Corridor

Jumping into the game and learning all of its intricacies can be fun, but also time-consuming. If you’re new to the game, you want to know what the best skills, weapons, or gear you can get in the game.

Even players who have spent weeks in the game can lack this information. In Undertale Last Corridor, you’ll need to know what the different souls do in the game and what are the best picks.

And in this guide, we’ll show you what are the best and worst souls you can pick in the game. Now, let’s see what each one does and whether they’re good or bad!

Best Souls Tier List

There are a lot of different souls that you can use in the game to give you all sorts of bonuses. Like the characters in the game, you’re spoiled for choices!

Most of these souls are useful but like everything in the world, some are more useful than others. Here are all the best souls you can use in Undertale as well as the worst ones all in a Tier List!

Undertale Last Corridor Best Souls Tier List Image

S – Tier

  • Perseverance – With the right Chara, you can be tanky with this soul since it buffs your defense. Against certain enemies, you don’t have to worry about projectiles at all even.

A – Tier

  • Integrity – A strong soul in the right hands as it gives a big boost in speed and jump height. With enough practice, you can easily dodge a lot of the attacks in the game with this.
  • Determination – Gives you a second life and is a good way to keep up the fight.

B – Tier

  • Bravery – Gives you a dash ability that is great for dodging. It also gives you increased melee damage, faster swing speed, and movement speed as well. Great for rush attacks and dealing a lot of damage.
  • Kindness – Gives you a random food item from time to time that can give great buffs. You have a slower speed and the cooldown for the item is 10 seconds but it’s a solid support soul.

C – Tier

  • Patience – You can make a barrier that only Charas can walk through and give +1 speed. Negligible Bonuses and there are better souls out there.
  • Justice – You can shoot projectiles and need to reload or use all the bullets for a stronger version. The damage is very low and not worth it.

F – Tier

  • Traitless – This soul doesn’t give you any bonuses and is only used to get an achievement.
  • Empty – A worse version of Traitless as it cuts your HP in half and is again only used to get an achievement.

That’s all the souls you can get in Undertale Last Corridor neatly placed in a Tier List. Now, go out there and try to use the best ones!

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