Wild Hearts – Where to Find Golden Hematite

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As you move around from one region to another you’ll slowly come to realize that backtracking more than once is becoming a common necessity, especially when it comes to mining or just gathering resources in general.

This turns your open-world adventure into a grocery store run, worst part is the isles keep on changing and you’re spending more time searching than gathering. Not everyone has time to explore as there are Kemono terrorizing the locals!

In this guide, we’ll take care of the annoying part of searching endlessly and direct you to where you need to be!

Where to Find Golden Hematite in Wild Hearts

Golden Hematite is an upgrade material that’s needed for your armor and weapon blueprints. When you’re out and about make sure to use your Karakuri and fast travel between locations that get you closer to your target.

Now let’s see if we can get your hands on some gold!

Starting in Chapter 3 your first Gold deposit will require you to travel to Akikure Canyon, south of Fuyufusagi Fort.

Once you get to the location that is shown in the image above you’ll find a layer of Golden Hematite stuck on the walls. It’s not that high up so scaling the wall won’t be an issue.

Another location worth checking out is the cavern near Kintōdō Tower, after fast traveling to your camp just head directly north into the cave network until a fork in the road presents itself to you. You’ll notice this as the place is filled with harmless green badger-looking Kemono.

Head to your left and collect any Maitake you find and upon arriving at the entrance of the Hundred Holllows Cemetery should be another deposit of Golden Hematite directly to your right.

One more location is near the Stone Buddha camp, stick close to the river as you leave and you’ll come across the deposit right next to the base of the Higan Falls.

And with that, you now know three different places to go to for your crafting needs! If you have too much then selling the rest would always be the next best course of action.

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