Best Vortex Guide in Dragonheir: Silent Gods

How to get as much damage in as possible.

Best Vortex Guide in Dragonheir: Silent Gods

The Temporal Vortex is challenging players in Dragonheir: Silent Gods to push their build to the limit. But what is the best way to use your champions and how to capitalize on the synergy between your best ones? We’re going to share tips, tricks, and essentially, the principle to help you create your team for the Temporal Vortex.

Guide for the Best Temporal Vortex Build

Temporal Vortex is a PVE content that you may find very familiar in a lot of other games. Good news to you all–5-Hero Affinity is not mandatory!

If you can get it, it is great, but overall, you don’t have to focus too much on the affinity and instead, more on your team composition.

Tips for the Elemental Vortex:

  • Survivability is key! You deal as much damage as you can last on the field.
  • Elemental Affinity is very much endgame. If you can, aim for the final elemental damage bonus, but mehcanics will be your main damage deal er for a long time.
  • Everyone’s main build is different, so you can slowly focus on whether you’re heading for Cold/Radiance or Lightning/Poison in the Elemental Affinity.
How To Win In Vortext Dragonheir Silent Gods
  • Micromanage your cycle. Each of the boss cycle lasts 20 seconds. Lay down your defense before the attack.
  • Grind for level and gears. This is never out of the question.
  • Oftentime what you need isn’t a better healer or shielder–who has Attack Penalty skill?
    • Who has debuff that can lessen the impact or cleanse the debuff on your team?

Have realistic expectations! This is our final tips. The Temporal Vortex dishes out more damage as time goes by. It’s going to reach a point where you can’t tank it anymore.

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And those are the tips to help you build your Temporal Vortex team in Dragonheir: Silent Gods. Good luck!

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