Clover Retribution: Best Stat Guide

Make the most out of your builds!

Clover Retribution allows players to form their own builds with a unique assortment of different factors. This includes combining Races, Spells and Magics. However, whatever build you have, will tend to scale or use the Stats that you have invested in. As a result, you may be wondering what is the best Stats you can use for your particular Build.

In this guide, we will help you figure out which the best stats for you are. We will show you how you should think of your build to ensure that you can figure out the best stats. Additionally, we will look at a great stat build that we recommend you should use for most meta builds. Let’s dive into this guide and have you making the most out of your stats!

Best Stat Guide

There are a huge variety of Builds that you can have in Clover Retribution. As a result, we will show you the methodology or idea behind using stats to allow you to make the most out of builds. This means looking at meta builds which are most commonly used and are quite strong in the game.

We will start with a very strong meta build, which involves using Heavenly Restricted with the Lynthari Race and Spear.

This is a build which relies strongly on meta. If you use your spammable Spear Abilities, you will notice that just using it once will take a huge chunk of Mana out of you.

Mana Cost of Spear Skill in Clover Retribution.

At the same time, these attacks are Spammable. While spamming these attacks, you will likely be left vulnerable and will need to block a lot while in combat. So, having Health alongside is also incredibly crucial.

Blocking with spear in Clover Retribution.

This is why we highly recommend that you invest most of your points towards Constitution. Constitution increases your health and Mana, which will benefit your build the most. We recommend increasing this Stat up to at least 120-140.

Constitution Stat Priority in Clover Retribution.

The priority for Constitution also applies to most other builds. For example, if you use Water Magic, Dreadscale Race, and many others. So, in most cases, you want to dedicate your stats to Constitution.

Consider checking out this Best Magic Tier List for Clover Retribution. It will show the best Magics that you should use in the game. If you’re leaning towards Mage builds, it can be a great help for you.

Using Dreadscale Ability in Clover Retribution.

However, this does not mean that you ignore your other Stats. You should still dedicate some Stats to Intelligence and Dexterity.

This is because Dexterity is very important when you are fighting in PvP battles. For example, when other Heavenly Restricted builds face you, they will likely get close to you.

Dexterity will allow you to challenge these enemies by increasing your melee and piercing damage. So, you will be able to take them head on. Additionally, it will also increase your dodge window, ensuring you can avoid damage.

Intelligence will allow you to make the most out of magic or mage builds. Since most strong builds use magic in some form, you should also dedicate your stat points to this Stat as well. Ideally, keep your Dexterity and Intelligence within the same range and give them the second priority.

Stat Priorities in Clover Retribution.

Finally, if your build revolves more around damage with your weapons as opposed to magic, we recommend going towards Strength. Even as a Mage, you should have some Strength Stat points, as there will be moments where enemies close the gap in.

In these situations, you will be using your Weapons so you need to have some sort of Strength to be able to challenge enemies. A great thing that you can do is use your Armor and other gear to get some stats that you would rather not invest your Stat points into.

Strength is generally a good Stat that you can get from Gear without having to invest points. In essence, you want to combine the stats you get from Gear and from the Stats Menu. You can use Gear to balance out Strength as it is your lowest priority.

Gear Stat Boosts in Clover Retribution.

Below is the best Stats build that is ideal for most builds in the game. Keep in mind that you should continue to invest stat points based on the strategies that we have outlined above. Additionally, it is crucial that you do not want to invest too much at once in one Stat.

This is because there is a Stat Cap in the game. So, even if you invest too much in the Stat, it might not be doing anything. And these wasted Stat points would have actually been useful for other Stats, so be aware of this when you are investing stats.

Best Stat Build in Clover Retribution.

Do you want to read more about Clover Retribution? Make sure to check out our Ultimate Clover Retribution Wiki for everything you’ll need. It’s brimming with information like NPCs, Locations, Bosses, progression and more!

That’s everything you need to know for the best stat builds in the game. The above mentioned strategies will allow you to make the most out of your build. Keep in mind that not all builds are the same, and there are hundreds and hundreds of different possibilities. You should consider the aspects of your build and then use your stats to get the best out of these aspects.

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