Beyond Light Step 18 Guide – Destiny 2

Defeat enemies one by one to finally complete Step 18!

Destiny 2 is a multiplayer first person shooter game that delivers a great gaming experience. In this article we will break down the procedure for completing Step 18.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Step 18 Guide

We start Step 18 at Cadmus Ridge. When you start the mission, go to the platform in front of you and eliminate the opponents in beforehand.

The next step is to go down to where the enemies you eliminated were and then enter the opening of the cave in front of you. Head straight and you will reach the door on your right which is frozen.

Next, go through the door and you will come across another door which when upon opening, you will find a large room where your enemies will be activated.

The next step to eliminate them is to climb the platforms on your right and kill the enemies, while at the same time hide from their shooting.

When you eliminate the main robot, climb the big red platform in the middle and eliminate the remaining opponents.

Enter the room in the right corner in front of you. That room has lasers so stay on its left side to avoid them. You have to move to the edges of the wall.

Then, continue straight and exit the door on the right. Watch out for the enemies that will appear.

When you go out in the big hall with generators, go left, and here you will encounter a bunch of robots that you will have to kill.

Afterwards, continue straight and you will see a door on the right. Enter here, and exit at the next door on your left. In this large hallway, you will also encounter many robots, eliminate them all. Then, turn left at the end of the hallway.

Here you will find a way out of this platform in the mountains. Cross to the other side by jumping and finally, enter the opening of the building.

Here you will fight with a lot of robots, but you will need to destroy the lasers at the first door. Next, move on to the right and eliminate all the robots.

Now move straight and get down through the square opening that will be in this room. Eliminate the opponents in this area.

Next, open the door at the right end of this room and continue straight. You will have a new task here, you will have to defeat Parksis. In this part, the enemies are quite troublesome because they will come towards you and to add more difficulty, they are invisible.

Keep going straight onto the large open platform area. Enter through the door in the middle of the bridge platform. Here you will be given the task Pursue Praksis. You will now enter a big fight, be careful since the enemies will come from anywhere.

After clearing that up, go straight ahead and follow the path. This will take you to a door that leads to a huge open space with platforms. Here you have to jump from platform to platform and kill the enemies in the process.

NOTE: Watch out for mines as they are set up on many platforms.

You will reach a platform with an opening in it, enter from its right side, and here comes the Boss fight.

Your task is to kill Parksis. Here you will be attacked from all sides. Parksis is quite powerful but don’t focus only on him. Kill the smaller enemies too.

Use the size of the room and get in the small hallways to hide and distract them away from yourself for a moment.

This part will take quite some time but you only need to be careful, do not rush.

When you finally kill Praksis, you will complete Step 18.

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