Black Clover M: 2024 F2P Banner Guide – Who to Summon & Skip

Who should you be going for as a free to play individual?

Black Clover M is one of the hottest free to play mobile games right now, and it is based on the popular anime and manga series of the same name.

In this guide, we will be talking about which characters you should be going for as a free to play individual, as it can be tough to decide how to spend your resources when you aren’t planning on dropping loads of real world money into the game.

2024 F2P Banner Guide – Who to Summon & Skip

As a free to play player, you are definitely going to be holding on to your resources for as long as possible because of how hard it can be to earn them without spending real money on the game.

Each month, you can get up to 27000 or more crystals depending on how well you perform in certain activities and how active you are in general. This is more than enough for a lot of pulls, but what should you be gunning for?

Black Clover M summoning result

Upcoming Banners

So far, leaks have indicated that several new characters are coming in the next few months, including Langris Vaude and Noelle (Halloween), though this is still largely unconfirmed. With that said, based on the information that we have right now, whether or not it is accurate, we can still recommend certain upcoming banners based on their usefulness for a free player.

Noelle (Halloween)

The first recommended character that you should try to summon as a F2P player is Noelle (Halloween), who will likely be up for grabs starting from February 6.

She is an insane debuffer with a lot of impactful skills, and if you want to learn more about what she is capable of, check out this article (Why you should save for Noelle – Halloween) as we’ve also previously covered this specific unit.

Getting a few dupes for her will also be incredibly helpful due to the passive she gains from them. Her signature skill page Little Halloween Devil is also really good if you can grab it.

Black Clover M Halloween Noelle

Asta (Black)

If you chose to skip Noelle (Halloween) or just need a stronger tank, Asta (Black) is going to be the better banner for you, and this will probably show up on February 12.

With his signature skill page The Power of the Unknown, he can become an insanely good tank that will carry you through a lot of content. If you can get max dupe on him, even better!

We actually have a fairly comprehensive build guide for Black Asta just in case you go for this unit. This will help you grind early while the banner is still not out.

Black Clover M Black Asta

Charlotte (Ceremony)

Finally, starting from early March, you can potentially get Charlotte (Ceremony), and this is the last banner you should be eyeing on as a F2P player. Even the other unit here, Magna (Ceremony), is okay if you get him instead.

With her passive ability, which requires a couple of dupes, she can be a really good support unit in high rank PVP content.

Her signature skill page, The Briar Maiden’s Melancholy, will give her a massive boost in her support capabilities and survivability as well, so it’s worth going for that too.

Black Clover M Charlotte Ceremony

Speculated Later Addition

A couple of seasons later, it is speculated that the character Mereoleona Vermillion will be making an appearance, and she is said to be a must-have defender for F2P players.

Unfortunately, we do not have much information about this character yet, and the leaked information of her kit that we have so far is fairly unreliable and is subject to major changes.

Having said that, it’s safe to say that any of the other characters that will show up in future banners that weren’t mentioned here are not great options for F2P players.

These unfavorable options will include upcoming characters Gueldre Poizot and Vetto (Despair), who are said to be coming at around February 22.

Black Clover M Gueldre

And that is pretty much is for this Black Clover M guide. Again, it should be noted that most of these dates and banners are based on speculation, so keep an eye out for future updates once they actually drop on the global servers!

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