Black Clover M: Complete Gifso Guide & Build | Skills, Gear & Talents

A good character to use if you are looking for damage buffs!

Black Clover M: Complete Gifso Guide & Build

In Black Clover M, you will be gathering many different characters to form a team of four characters. Each of the characters will perform a different role, like attacking, healing, and defending. The Gifso character is a Supporter character with a unique kit that grants multiple positive effects to nearby allies. In this guide, we will show you how to build the Gifso character.

Complete Gifso Guide & Build | Skills, Gear & Talents


First, let’s learn about Gifso’s Passive. His Passive lets him remove a debuff from himself with a 20% chance at the beginning of a turn.

Gifso Passive

His first skill is Fish Monster Toy: Piranha, a single-target damage ability. The skill will also grant a 42% ATK Buff to an ally with the lowest HP for 1 turn.

The second skill is Fish Monster Toy: Monkfish. This skill grants a buff to all allies that increase their damage by 25% for 2 turns. There is also a chance to grant allies a 15% damage increase to bosses.

You should prioritize upgrading the Fish Monster Toy: Monkfish ability first since the buff’s effect will be upgraded even further the higher the skill level. At max level, you can have up to 45% Increased Damage and 35% Increased Damage to Bosses.

Gifso Skill 1 and 2

His Special Skill is Fish Monster Toy: Giant Eel. The skill summons a giant eel to attack an enemy, dealing damage. The skill also grants a 40% increase in ATK and MATK to all allies for 2 turns. If your allies are poisoned, there is a 50% chance to remove the negative effect.

The last ability is Combined Attack. You will perform a combined attack with a partner, dealing damage to an enemy. It also grants a 60% Increased Favored Damage to himself and his partner before attacking.

Gifso Special Skill & Combined Attack

Skill Pages

For his Skill Page, you’ll want to go with the Overflowing Lust Mage Skill Page. This will help him increase all allies’ damage and give them more mobility buffs.

The Passive Skill gives him a 50% to grant 10% Increased Mobility upon using Skill II. This is the best Skill Page that you should use with the character. Other options you can use are:

  • High Priest’s Mischief: Grants 5/10% [Increased HP Recovery received] and 5% [Increased Max HP] to self. This is a great way to give him extra survivability.
  • Insatiable Quest: Upon using “Skill II,” apply 10% [Increased All ATK] to the ally with the highest ATK for 2 turn(s). This is a great way to boost your team’s damage (one of the best Skill Pages you can use with him)
  • The Captain’s Condemnation: Upon using “Skill II,” grants the ally with the lowest HP [HP Recovery] equal to 6/10% of their maximum HP. If you need more survivability, you can use this Skill Page.
Gifso Best Skill Pages


Here are his best talents:

  • Red: Ferocity and Increased MATK. He doesn’t need much damage so you can get any traits.
  • Blue: Increased DEF and Endurance. These are the two best defense slots to have.
  • Green: Increased DMG RES and Mage’s Blessing. This will reduce your Skill II’s cooldown, letting you buff your allies even more.
Gifso Talents


For his Gear, you will want to prioritize the ATK or MATK stat. Consider going with the Secret of the Deep Sea that has all the SPD buffs he needs to use more abilities and apply more buffs to allies.

Since he is a support character, he won’t be dealing a lot of damage so you do not need to worry about the ATK stats. As long as you using the full set effect, extra mobility is always more important.

Gifso Gear

Team Recommendations

Overall, he is not a very great character in PvP for Black Clover M. Ideally, you’ll want to use him in PvE circumstances. Here is one good team that you can use with him:

  • Rhya, Gifso, Sally, Finral: This team focuses on Rhya being the only main DPS of the team. With all the damage buffs from the three supporters, Rhya can really nuke in-game bosses.
  • Kiato, Gifso, Noelle, Finral: If you do not rely on this one single DPS, you can also consider using two DPS characters. For example, you can use Kiato and Noelle.
Gifso Teams

Even though Gifso is only a UR rarity character, he has a lot of potential when it comes to buffing nearby allies’ damage. You can pair him with other supports to increase the overall team even further. When it comes to skill pages, you can use many different options depending on what you need!

If you are looking for more builds & guides like this one, make sure to check out our complete guide for all characters and their builds in Black Clover M!


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