Risk of Rain Returns: How To Unlock Shattering Justice

Another tricky challenge to finish.

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The Shattering Justice is a reward in Risk of Rain Returns locked behind the Hot Streak achievement. It’s considerably one of the hardest achievements since it seems to require an almost perfect gameplay. But we’re going to show you exactly how to raise your chances to finishing this achievement in the game.

How To Unlock Shattering Justice

To unlock Shattering Justice, you have to clear the “Hot Streak” achievement. To get this, you have to reach level 10, without getting hurt/damaged a single time. Sounds impossible, but there is a strategy that will help you achieve this easier.

Most importantly, use these four artifacts: Kin, Glass, Sacrifice, and Command. This means you’ll have only 1 enemy type, deal 5x the damage, changing chests into drops that are no longer random.

Shattering Justice Artifacts

Make sure the damage dealt is 200% and tune up your damage taken to 999% on Monsoon stage for faster spawns. Bring the Throwing Axe skill to make the run easier as you keep a distance from your enemy.

And this time, for the kind of enemies that you want to keep resetting for: Lamaran, Golem, or Wisps.

Shattering Justice Intensity

All of these enemies have the kind of attacks that you’ll find easy to dodge and predict, especially Lamaran. For Golem and Wisps, you can camp them out on ropes. Keep grinding the first stage until you get enough XPs and reach level 10.

Make sure to prioritize picking up items like Paul’s Goat Hoof, Crowbar, Prophet’s Cape, and Hopoo Feather.

It’s going to be the best situation for you if you can get the Ceremonial Dagger for this challenge. Avoid picking up the Voodoo Doll which will fail the challenge.

Risk of Rain Returns: How To Unlock Shattering Justice

And with this hopefully, you can finish the Hot Streak achievement and unlock the Shattering Justice.

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