Black Clover M: Complete Lotus Guide & Build | Skills, Gear & Talents

One of the best Debuffers in the game!

Black Clover M Complete Lotus Guide Build Skills Gear Talents

Getting the right build for your character in a game can be fun. It’s a lot of theory crafting and crunching up numbers to see what’s the best. When it does work, and you can see the unit maximized it’s a great feeling to have.

In Black Clover M, you can have different builds for all the characters in the game. The best ones though can change how you play like the one for Lotus.

And in this guide, we’ll show you the best build for Lotus in Black Clover M. We’ll show you all the stuff you need to know from skills, gear, talents, and even team composition.

Complete Lotus Guide & Build | Skills, Gear & Talents

Lotus Whomalt is one of the SSR characters in Black Clover M. He’s known as one of the best units that debuffs in the game.

It’s a great unit for both PVP and PVE because of its AOE attacks. If you’re planning on building this character, then these are the things you’ll need.

Skill Pages

This unit’s best Skill Page is the Cunning Commander one which has a chance of reducing the enemy’s speed by 2/10% upon attacking.

Speed is important in the game because it’s how fast the mobility gauge fills up, so a unit can attack.

Black Clover M Lotus Skill Page

That means with this debuff you can effectively make sure the enemies attack last before you. It also changes the Smoke Explosion skill to inflict Concentrated Attack for 1 turn which gives a guaranteed critical hit.

Here is the other Skill Pages that you can use with this unit that also works well:

  • Blooming Talent – Gives a defense debuff to enemies.
  • Rose’s Thorn – Reduces critical resistance of enemies.
  • Breath of Darkness – Gives a flat damage bonus.
  • Backlight of a Leaf / Breath of Wind – Immunity to Stun and healing.


Now that we have the Skill Pages, we’ll also need the best talents. Here are all the talents you’ll need for this unit to be the best:

  • Increased MATK – A main stat that the unit scales off to.
  • Battle Frenzy – Increased Critical Rate.
  • Increased DEF – Flat increase on defense.
  • Iron Will – Grants debuff immunity if low on HP.
    • Endurance – You can also go for this one if you want to maximize defense.
  • Swiftness – SP +1 is generally a great talent for anyone.
  • Increased DMG RES – More defenses.
Black Clover M Lotus Talents


When going for gear in the game any of the best rarity gear with Magic Attack as the main stat works. The secondary stats with HP and Defense will also help with this character’s stats.

Critical Resistance is the last one you’ll want to increase if you have it. Just make sure most of them are LR gear, so you can maximize it!

Black Clover M Lotus Gear

Team Composition

For the team, it’s best to pair Lotus with Mars. Another great addition is William and Yami with the former doing damage reduction as well as the Counter.

Mars also has some Debuff Immunity it can wreak havoc with Lotus there.

The Mars and Lotus pair works well with any team as long as the other two members work well. If you don’t have Mars, then a Lotus, Asta, Valtos, Finral team is a good alternative.

Black Clover M Lotus Team

Generally, Lotus is great for any team since his debuffs can make the enemies take more damage.

If you are looking for more builds & guides like this one, make sure to check out our complete guide for all characters and their builds in Black Clover M!

That’s how you can build a Lotus in Black Clover M. Now, go out there and try to build your Lotus like this and see how great it is!

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