Black Clover M: Mars Guide & Builds | Gear, Talents, Teams & Skill Page

A solid tanker that can’t die.

Black Clover M: Mars Guide & Builds | Gear, Talents, Teams & Skill Page

Mars of Diamond Kingdom in Black Clover M has a solid skillset, a great tank that’ll keep your team alive. And as an SSR unit, Mars is actually pretty easy to build as his skills are straightforward.

We’re going to talk about his skills, then the best talents, Skill Page, and gears for him.

Mars Guide & Builds

As usual, we’re going to discuss about Mars’ skillset and how he tanks for the team. I’ll also include some good team comp recommendations, so you can use him as effectively as possible.


Mars mainly functions by inflicting Stun on his opponents and then using Taunt to keep their focus on him. His own skillset alos gives himself decent DEF buff with Fortify stats.

He has two combined attacks: the standard has a 50% Stun chance when he hits. Paired with Lotus, he’s able to deal Reduced All Atk. Lv. 1 with decent chance to inflict Taunt.

His Special Skill is extending the debuff which is not as good as his combined attack in most cases.

For Skill Page:

  • The Survival of the Fittest remains the best choice as his signature Skill Page which grants more DEF and Fortify stat.
  • Another SSR option is the Moonlight Necklace which has more DEF and received heals.
  • For SR, you can opt for Loyal to her Sister that gives a small chance to inflict Attack Reduction.
  • And for the most solid R choice, the False Confidence gives solid 30% DEF at maxed Rank with dupes.


Mars is a tank, naturally, DEF is the preferred stats for him. If you’re still trying to piece together gears for him, focus on getting the ones with DEF main stat.

Once you find yourself with more stamina and opportunities to grind for gears, focus on getting 2-pc Sprouting Mystic Tree which will give him 250 flat DEF stat. Another 2-pc of Secret of the Deep Sea gives extra SPD so he can move more often.

On top of these, you may want to give him 2 or 3 ATK pieces depending on if you want to play in PVP. Because in PVP, you’re going to be facing real players – they aren’t going to keep attacking your tanker if they can help it.

Which means you want your tank to at least be able to deal extra damage, even if small.


In the Attack wheel, Sharp Mind and Increased ATK are nice. He doesn’t have much of a choice here since the damage dealt increase doesn’t really help him as a tank.

In the Defense wheel, Increased DEF is your priority. Then, you can opt for either Endurance or Iron Will for the other one.

In general, Endurance does better as you get a fix value of DEF and Crit Res buff even in PvP.

In the Support wheel, Mage’s Blessing with Increased DMG Res are going to be a good match for him.

More Skill II cast with permanent DMG Res increase fits his tanker skillset.

Team Composition

Mars’ best partner is Lotus who is able to deal speed reduction on enemies. On top of that, they also do united attack that inflicts Reduced All ATK.

Add the team with William-Yami or William-Asta pair and you have a solid team. Another alternative you can go is adding YamiMimosa pair who have physical damage buff with heals. Slower, but with higher chance to survival.

Alternatively, you can pair William-Mars for the stun combo that relies on Mars’ Special Skill that extends stuns.

If you are looking for more builds & guides like this one, make sure to check out our complete guide for all characters and their builds in Black Clover M!

And that’s for the guide on how to build Mars in Black Clover M Season 1. He’s a very easy character to use, a solid SSR unit to get that’ll get your team far.

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