Black Clover M: Complete Mimosa Guide & Build | Skills, Gear & Talents

How to keep your team alive.

Black Clover M: Complete Mimosa Guide
Black Clover M: Complete Mimosa Guide

There aren’t many healers in Black Clover M right now, but it’s clear that Mimosa clearly dominates with her healing.

This guide will be about how to build Mimosa such as which skills, gears, and talents to prioritize. And then the best team composition you can use to win waves.

Complete Mimosa Guide & Build

We’ll start from the skill, which is basically how we should plan around building characters in the game.

The skill defines which stats they scale off, gear-type that complements that, and allies that collaborate well with them.

Then, we’ll talk about the Talents which are basically additional buffs they can get. And finally, the team composition.


For Mimosa, her heal scales off her MATK. She’s similar to Charmy in terms of healing in this way.

Her Special Skill is Resurrection, a skill no other has. This is a skill that can turn the table around in boss fights or if you’re trying to get by a very difficult wave.

Obviously, her designated skill page, An Elegant Beginning is her best choice. The page specifically buffs her skills.

The best alternative is the Royal Family’s Respect which grants her extra MATK after using her skill. Or if you’re not using Charmy, you can use her signature skill page, Meat Enthusiast.

Black Clover M Mimosa skills


As for the Gears, there’s currently no full-set that truly fits Mimosa’s kit. Since she scales off MATK and is mainly a healer, most of the gears right now are more for DPS purposes.

On top of that, you might not have the luxury to even choose right now because you haven’t grind that far yet.

But slapping her multiple 2-piece for that extra MATK buffs are enough. Seek out for mostly MATK main stat with HP, DEF, or Crit Res substats.

The reason for this is because Mimosa has a tendency to die without those. You want her to survive from being one-hit, so these are necessary.


In the Attack wheel, naturally Increased MATK is your priority. For the other one, you can pick between Ferocity or Battle Frenzy.

And none of them are especially better than the other since you’re not really building her to deal damage, nor does she have any damaging skill.

In the Defense wheel, Iron Will and Increased Crit Res are good choices. Iron Will is especially good to keep her alive even in the worst situation.

In the Support wheel, Swiftness and Increased DMG RES. Swiftness grants you extra SP consistently at every start of a turn if you have less than 2.

Increased DMG Res is to increase Mimosa’s survivability. Or if you’re feeling lucky, the Mage’s Blessing is an alternative as it resets Skill II’s cooldown with 20% chance.

Team Composition

Mimosa pairs best with Yami as she grants extra Physical damage to her partner. There are going to be new characters in the future who might pair well thanks to the physical damage buff, so look forward to that!

Then, you can go for William or Lotus for the third member, and then an additional DPS for the final member like Asta.

If you are looking for more builds & guides like this one, make sure to check out our complete guide for all characters and their builds in Black Clover M!

And that’s all, you’re now ready to become a professional Mimosa user in Black Clover M with this guide. Have fun!

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