Black Clover M: Complete Summer Charmy Guide & Build | Skills, Gear, and Talents

How should you build this incredibly powerful healer?

Black Clover M is a mobile game based on a popular manga and anime franchise, and it features familiar gacha mechanics that allow you to expand your collection of characters.

Among the newest additions to the roster is Charmy [Swimsuit], which is an alternative version of the character with the same name but is significantly more powerful than her original form.

Here’s how you should be building her!

Complete Summer Charmy Guide & Build | Skills, Gear, and Talents

As a blue healer, this version of Charmy can comfortably slot into any team that doesn’t already have a dedicated healer. Her abilities, which are mainly centered around healing and buffing, are as follows:

  • Cumulus – Deals damage to one enemy while also giving her ally with the lowest health a temporary HP recovery buff.
  • Shaved Ice – This ability grants her whole team two turns of HP recovery, and it removes any damage over time effect that is currently affecting her team.
  • Barbecue Party! – Aside from granting the team two turns of HP recovery, it also gives them a relatively strong defense boost.
  • Combined Attack – She greatly buffs her partner’s magic attack and has the possibility of giving them a special point as well.
Black Clover M charmy combat

Skill Pages

Unsurprisingly, the best skill page for her is her own signature one, as it further improves her Shaved Ice ability by having it grant increased crit damage resistance on top of the heals and damage over time dispel.

Adventurer’s Journal can also be a decent alternative, as it will increase the effectiveness of her healing due to having a much higher max HP.

If you find yourself needing more survivability, Backlight of a Leaf and Breath of Wind can be good choices too.

Black Clover M charmy special ability


For her talents, under the attack category, feel free to pick anything here as these stats are relatively unimportant due to her role as a healer.

For her defense talents, prioritize the node that increases her maximum HP as this boosts her healing capabilities.

As for support talents, the ideal choice for most situations will likely be Mage’s Blessing due to the potential to reduce her cooldowns, allowing her to spam more heals.

Black Clover M talents

Gear & Team Setup

When it comes to gear, prioritize sets that boost her speed and HP. You could also get items that increase her healing.

If you’re looking forward to providing her with the best gear, check out our guide on how to maximize and get the most LR Gears!

You pretty much just want to stack up her health and defense, so focus on increasing both of those through the items’ sub stats as well.

As for her ideal team, as mentioned earlier, she can pretty much slot-in to any team due to her nature as a main healer unit:

  • For PVE, especially, you could just go for a full blue team with her depending on what you’re facing.
  • For PVP content, you can try to pair her with somebody who can repeatedly increase the team’s defense, such as Mars, in order to make the whole squad virtually unkillable.

If you are looking for more builds & guides like this one, make sure to check out our complete guide for all characters and their builds in Black Clover M!

Black Clover M team composition

And that’s all you need to know when it comes to building Charmy [Swimsuit]. If you get lucky with your pulls, she is an amazing healer to have and she can easily carry you through a lot of content in the game!

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