Black Clover M: Hall of Illusion Stage 1-4 Complete Guide (Hard Boss Fights)

Testing your build to the limit!

Black Clover M: Hall of Illusion Stage 1-4 Complete Guide

The Hall of Illusion is now hardest content in Black Clover M and we’re going to show how you can complete Stage 1 to 4. For those of you who enjoy PVE content, this is the perfect challenge for you. On top of that they also give a lot of rewards to improve your characters.

Hall of Illusion Stage 1-4 Complete Guide

These stages are rather “tricky” in the sense that they all have a specific rule to win against. But on top of that, there are challenges that you need to clear to 3-star these stages.

Stage 1: Mimosa’s HP can only be brought down when her buff’s duration ends. And you cannot outsmart this using Nebra. Simply wait and don’t worry when she summons the weak minions. Gather your buffs so you can launch a big damage when the buff is down to save your time.

Stage 2: The final boss is a blue-type, so bring the necessary DPS character that’s good against that type. This is also part of the challenge, but make sure to kill all 8 mobs from the first 2 waves. Killing them give you buffs so you can deal with the final boss easier.

Every single enemy in this stage can run away. And every time something run away, you’re going to lose the challenge. Yes, even the boss!

Stage 3: Possibly one of the trickier enemies if you don’t have a good AoE character. If you don’t kill them together, they will keep reviving. When they revive, they come back with about 70% life.

So, what you can do is if you can bring down Licht’s HP down enough. Try to deal damage to them all equally before you land a big AoE damage to kill them together.

Stage 4: Yami hits very, very hard. Currently, the only character that can survive the battle is Witch Queen and Asta combo, or Gueldre Poizot. To explain, this is because Yami will one-hit ALL character except characters with Invincibility.

What you need is the ability to survive at least one of his slashes and a nuke character like Rhya. Currently, Asta is the easiest characters to launch a nuke with. And if you don’t have Witch Queen, you need Gueldre’s Invincibility and Fortify to help you survive.

And those are the tips to finishing these stages. Hall of Illusion in Black Clover M is possibly the hardest challenges, of course including the final fifth stage. But with the reward they give, don’t miss out on clearing these!

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