Black Clover M: Best Julius & Noelle Team Comps For PVP

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Black Clover M offers a variety of characters from the anime that you can integrate into a team. Each character comes with their own sets of attributes and Roles.

So, you can create a variety of teams depending on your wants and needs. You want to have the best team possible, especially in PvP where the combat can get pretty intense. Julius and Noelle are very powerful characters that have been added recently with the new update.

In this guide, we will show you how you can integrate both of these characters with other ones to create some powerful team comps for PvP.

In no time, you will be dominating any teams you come across!

Best Julius & Noelle Team Comps For PVP

We will be looking at five major team comps that will make use of Julius and Noelle [Summer]. Additionally, we will discuss what makes these so powerful, so you can decide which one suits your play style more.

Team #1

Julius and Noelle team comp with Rades and Valtos in Black Clover M.

Starting off, we have an excellent team that can cover a range of aspects. With Rades, you can proc Taunts and with Voltos, you can provide additional Speed to your team. In doing so, your main DPS characters, Julius and Noelle, are able to do some amazing damage.

Julius can also gain additional Speed off Valtos and Increased Damage due to Noelle’s Shield. In this way, Julius can actually do a one shot single target DPS attack that will kill most characters even with shields.

Team #2

Julius and Noelle team comp with William and Valtos in Black Clover M.

The second team does something more unusual, as we actually decide to remove the Defender in favor of William. William is a Buffer and he will not be able to fulfill that Shield role, so we will be doing something different with him.

You will want to immediately use his Special Skill, enabling Julius to get an extra turn. Alongside Noelle’s Shield, he will be able to do some devastating damage in the beginning of the game. As a result, you want to leave William’s other skills for later on, instead of using them in the beginning.

Team #3

Julius and Noelle team comp with Sally and Valtos in Black Clover M.

The Third Team is similar to the second one, with there being double Buffers again. However, this time, Sally helps out Noelle with her Skill 2 which increases Magic ATK. In turn, this boosts Noelle’s Shield which will benefit Julius and the rest of the team overall.

However, you will need to ensure that Sally does first in this team. Otherwise, she will not be able to benefit Noelle, which will lead to this team being not as effective. You will also need to be careful because the lack of defense in this team can bite you later, so do not use this team on Auto.

Team #4

Julius and Noelle team comp with Mars and Lotus in Black Clover M.

This team can be a bit of a risk as you are forfeiting Speed, which can always be a problem in PvP. However, it can still be viable if done right. Pairing Mars and Julius provides some nice Stun potential, which is crucial for this team comp.

Additionally, Mars can provide some nice defense so you won’t have to worry about that aspect. Lotus can provide some great Debuffs, especially Reduced Speed, which will help mitigate the lack of speed on your end.

Team #5

Julius and Noelle team comp with Mars and Valtos in Black Clover M.

Last, but not least, we have the fifth team where Mars is the star of the show. You can use him in multiple ways here, as a Tank and also to inflict Stuns on the enemy that will definitely frustrate them. Start off with a Combined attack with Noelle, which will deal AoE damage and end with a stun.

After that, you can follow off with further Stuns using his Skill 2, ensuring your enemy will be held back. Of course, he also has his Debuff Immunity, which will just make him an even bigger nuisance. In this way, he can help Julius and Noelle continue to do amazing DPS, with Valtos’s Speed.

That’s everything you need to know about the best Julius and Noelle Team Comps for PvP. As you can see, there are various ways in which you can integrate both these characters.

We suggest you go for the team that suits your playstyle and the gear sets you have. There is something for everyone here, and by using these as a reference, you can finally get some victories in Arenas.

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