Black Grimoire: Odyssey – BEST Magic Build

It’s magic you know.

Black Grimoire: Odyssey features a range of Spells that players can perform just like their favorite characters in Black Clover. These Spells can be used by a variety of builds, but they are especially important for Magic Builds since they rely on magic the most.

In this guide, we will show you how you can build the Best Magic Build and breeze through the Dungeons and other content in the game. Before long, you will be rising in levels and getting the best loot in the game.

BEST Magic Build

Gaining the best magic build in the game will mean that you will need to make certain decisions when it comes to your character’s stats and abilities. You may also have to grind a bit to get to the point where you have all the items you need for it. Here are the steps to follow for the Best Magic Build:

  1. Invest all your stat points into Mana Manipulation, making sure it’s the highest it can be. Magic relies most on Mana in this game.
  2. Have the Mana Skin technique equipped as this will help you counter the fact that you haven’t invested into Vitality. This will increase your health by a high percentage.
  3. Equip the Rock Zone Spell as this scales off your health from Mana Skin and provides you with a significant health boost and protective barrier that reduces damage.
  4. Equip the Fire Bat Spell so you can do damage from range and equip the Breeze Rush and Blink Spells too for mobility, so you don’t get hit.

NOTE: This guide continues with a detailed breakdown below!

Detailed Breakdown

Start by opening up your Pause Menu and going into the Stats page. This will reveal a variety of aspects into which you can put your Stat points. 

Stats Option on Pause Menu in Black Grimoire: Odyssey

This is the point where you dedicate ALL your skill points into Mana Manipulation. If you have already dedicated stat points to other aspects you can reset them in the game Menu and it will boat you 5 Lumis.

Reset Stats option marked on Stats Menu in Black Grimoire: Odyssey

As a Magic user, you may be wondering why we aren’t dedicating points to Magical Mastery. The reason is that the stat boosts you get from Magical Mastery are nowhere near as high as the advantages you get from being able to use more Mana

All your Spells in the game use Mana, and Mana Manipulation provides great advantages. The lack of Vitality stats however is a valid concern, but the next part of this build will help offset that, as you will read next.

Mana Manipulation in Stat Menu in Black Grimoire: Odyssey

The next thing you want to do is have Mana Skin equipped. Mana Skin is an incredible Mana ability that provides you with a health boost that slowly gains while you have your Grimoire up. Additionally, this ability even scales up with the Mana Manipulation points you have.

This way, you can get a massive health boost that offsets the problems you have with lack of Vitality stat points. As a Magic user, you will have your Grimoire all the time when battling enemies and so you will not need to worry about your low initial health.

Mana Skin Detailed Description in Black Grimoire: Odyssey

However, there may be situations during Dungeons where the enemy may overwhelm you, especially when dealing with Bombers and Priests.

In such a case, you can equip the Rock Barrier Spell and use it, providing you with an additional health boost and protection, on top of the Mana Skin health boost.

Health Increase from Mana Skin in Black Grimoire: Odyssey

After that, you can use your Breeze Rush and Blink ability for Mobility to get away from enemies and survive. You can then use your Fire Bat Spell at range to kill the enemies. Since you have a high Mana due to full Mana Manipulation, you will be able to do this with ease.

Now that you have everything you need to know about the best magic build, you may want to check out this guide on how to get max level fast.

Dashing away from enemies in Black Grimoire: Odyssey

There you have it, the best Magic Build in the game at the moment. We recommend taking advantage of it right now before the game updates and nerfs it. You will be able to get some amazing loot and be at the top of your game!

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