Black Grimoire Odyssey: Beginner Guide

A start of something special.

Black Grimoire Odyssey is a special Roblox game that pays homage to the legendary anime, Black Clover. It also takes inspiration from various great games and features content like dungeons, spells, races, classes and weapons. A ton of content that players and fans can’t wait to get into.

However, the beginning of the game can be a bit confusing as it has just launched. In this beginner guide, we will show you how you can get off your feet running the moment you get into this game. You will be dominating the servers in Black Grimoire Odyssey in no time!

Beginner Guide

Starting Out

When you begin the game, you will find there you are in a character selection screen where you can change certain information. This includes Race, Class, Style and Animations. You can change your voice freely depending on your preference. Style and Animations are purely Cosmetic.

However, the other information cannot be changed freely. Instead, you will need to Roll to get a chance to obtain various rarities of these aspects. For example, with Classes, you have a 60% chance to get Peasant, 35% chance to get Noble and 5% chance to get Royalty.

Character Select Menu in Black Grimoire Odyssey.

It may be tempting to use these Rolls on each of these Information types. However, we recommend that you focus mainly on your Race, followed by the Class. The other aspects are nowhere near as important. However, don’t make the mistake of going for the rarest type in these Informations as well.

Race and Class marked on Character Select Menu in Black Grimoire Odyssey.

Many people make the mistake of going for Royalty in Classes and Demon in Races from the start. However, this is counterproductive because they are usually suitable for end-game content. Instead, you want to focus on getting yourself a decent Race that does not hamper your progression.

Demon is a race that actually has -33.4% Luck, which will affect your ability to get rare items. These items are necessary for you to progress in the game. This is why we recommend that you go for a race like Orc, Dragon, Slime and Fairy. Basically, you want to get a good race besides Human.

Demon Race Stats in Black Grimoire Odyssey.

We recommend saving your rolls on your Class. This is because the Peasant class is actually really good for progression, because of the 10% XP boost alongside an extra Dungeon drop. In this way, you can progress through the game faster and rack up on your items, to progress even more.

Peasant Class Stats in Black Grimoire Odyssey.

Obtaining Grimoires

Grimoires form the backbone of Black Grimoire Odyssey and you want to make sure you can start getting them as soon as possible. They are spellbooks that allow you to equip and cast spells, while also boosting your magic type.

If you want to learn about how good spells are, here is a guide which showcases a Spell Tier List in the game.

Summoning Grimoire in Black Grimoire Odyssey.

You can get Grimoires from the large Tower in the map. This Tower is the most important place in the whole game as this is where you can get new Grimoires every 12 hours. You can locate the Tower in the distance, and follow the path towards the Merchant and turn right until you reach the entrance.

Tower Location in Black Grimoire Odyssey.

Grimoires, like all items in the game, differ in rarity with Rank E being the lowest and Rank S being the highest. Higher rank Grimoires are able to hold more spells while providing better stat boosts. The stat boosts aren’t very big, but the ability to hold more spells is incredibly valuable. 

Old Grimoire Info in Black Grimoire Odyssey.

You can skip the waiting time if you have access to Cloverleaf Talismans. These are items that can be purchased from the Merchant for Lumis, which we will look into later.

If you are a Royalty class, you get +2 Cloverleaf Talismans every day, which allows you to get better rarity Grimoires and skip waiting time.

However, we still recommend that you focus on your XP progression at the start of the game.

Cloverleaf Talisman Description in Black Grimoire Odyssey.

Farming Dungeons

Once you have gotten your Grimoire, it is time for you to go to the Dungeon and start farming. Dungeons can be accessed by going into the building on the left when you spawn.

Enter inside and you will find the Guild Receptionist, Mira Rosenthal, sitting behind a desk. Talking to her gives you access to dungeons.

Mira Rosenthal in Black Grimoire Odyssey.

Make sure that you choose the first dungeon with the lowest difficulty, and slowly make your way up. Many players start too strong and end up suffering since they do not have appropriate items.

Dungeon Select Menu in Black Grimoire Odyssey.

Farming dungeons allows you to obtain items such as Weapons, Relics and Spells of different rarities. These are all important items that will help you when you are fighting in the game. There are a number of ways that you can get these items from the dungeon.

The main way is through Chests that are scattered all around the dungeon. However, some of these Chests can be Mimics, and you will have to fight them to get the items they provide. That is, once you have recovered from the jump scare they give!

Chest in Black Grimoire Odyssey.

Besides Chests, you can also defeat enemies with yellow auras and clear dungeons to get rare chests.

Special Chest Reward After Finishing a Dungeon in Black Grimoire Odyssey.

Merchant and Lumi

As you progress through the game and keep farming dungeons and missions, you will gain the in-game currency Lumi.

This currency can be used to get rerolls for the Information aspects which you get to Roll for in the Character Select during the beginning of the game. You can purchase 3 rerolls for 10 Lumi.

Therefore, if there is any Race or Class that you are not a fan of, you can use Lumi to get a chance of improving it. However, if you already have your preferred Race or Class, you can go for Style and Animations, which are purely Cosmetic. 

Gaining More Rolls in Black Grimoire Odyssey.

Additionally, you can also use Lumi to purchase some really useful items from the Merchant, Rimo Tempest. She is not always available and will spawn at random times by bursting through the gate with her Caravan. Once she’s set up her stall, you can do business with her.

Merchant Rimo Tempest Spawning in Black Grimoire Odyssey.

Some of the items that you can get from her include Cloverleaf Talismans, Quest Slots, Inventory Slots, and Party Slots. All of these items can help elevate your experience with the game and you can select whichever ones catch your eye.

Additionally, you can even buy Lumi as premium currency from the Merchant for real money. Alternatively, you can grind the dungeons to gain Lumi as a free-to-play player. The choice is really up to you.

Merchant Store Menu in Black Grimoire Odyssey.

That’s everything you need to know as a beginner of Black Grimoire Odyssey. There are still new content updates for this game coming, such as the ability to buy and sell with money. So, don’t be afraid to explore the rich world of Black Grimoire Odyssey, even if you are starting out.

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