Blade Ball: Best Ability Tier List

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Blade Ball: Best Ability Tier List Phantom

In Blade Ball, you will compete with many other players by deflecting homing balls that fly at you. This is a game where you need to train your focus and timing to react and win in all of your matches. To increase your chances of winning, you can also collect and use different abilities.

Abilities in Blade Ball are skills that you can activate to receive many different effects. Since they all have different effects, some of them can be more effective and flexible choices for many different situations. In this article, we will show you a tier list of the best abilities in Blade Ball.

Best Ability Tier List

In the image below, you will be able to see the Blade Ball Ability Tier List.

Blade Ball: Best Ability Tier List

S Tier

All the abilities in the S Tier of Blade Ball Ability Tier List are those that you should definitely use in your matches. These are strong abilities that can give you an advantage over your opponents.

  • Dribble: The player dribbles the ball and speeds it up before shooting it. This ability encourages an offensive playstyle to catch your opponents off-guard by speeding up the ball.
  • Reaper: Every time you defeat a player with the ball, you will gain a very small speed boost and power boost (up to 5 times). This is also an offensive ability that wants you to defeat enemies for the boosts. If you play passively in one corner, it won’t work.
  • Invisibility: This is a really cheap ability that you can buy from the shop for only 300 coins. After casting, the user goes invisible, and the ball can’t target them while in this state. If the ball was targeting them prior to that, it will re-target a random person. This ability is extremely flexible whether you want to play aggressively or passively. Make sure you fully upgrade the ability to lower the cooldowns, so you can get out of many tough situations frequently.
  • Infinity: This is one of the best abilities for 1v1 situations. If the ball is ever to get close to the user in “Infinity Mode”, it will slow down to a halt the closer it is. You can then hold the ball in front of you, the longer you hold it, the quicker it will fly when you launch it again. This is an incredibly rare ability from the Halloween Event or you can buy it with 11,000 Robux. You can use the Freeze and Forcefield as alternatives with similar effects.
  • Pull: The ability forces the ball to target you. This is a great ability for you to trick your opponents by creating a “fake deflect”. Keep in mind that you can also have the ball hit you and lose if you are not paying attention to the timing. When you use the ability correctly, you can guarantee yourself a kill in most situations.
  • Titan Blade: The skill creates a massive sword that grants you a massive parry hitbox and faster ball launching. This skill is really great for players who have high ping or have difficulties deflecting attacks. With the extra range, fighting will become much easier.
  • Absolute Confidence: This ability will make every parried ball come to you. The skill is great for elimination quests where you need to defeat other players. However, if you look to win or to survive more, having all the balls fly at you isn’t always a great idea. You can buy the skill with 15,000 coins.
Blade Ball: Best Ability Tier List Dribble Ability

A Tier

The skills in the A Tier are great abilities that you can use to fight against other players. If you want a more defensive playstyle, consider using the Telekinesis ability. The ability can stop the ball and change the target, helping you defend yourself more easily.

You can also use the Freeze Trap ability. With it, you can make all the other players stay in one place. If you are fighting someone at close range, it can become a very powerful offensive tool.

Here’s a list of all the abilities in the A Tier.

  • Rapture
  • Raging Deflection
  • Telekinesis
  • Shadow Step
  • Flash Counter
  • Forcefield
  • Phantom
  • Continuity Zero
  • Freeze Trap
  • Death Slash
Blade Ball Absolute Confidence

F Tier

The abilities in the F Tier are abilities that you can still use. However, they will not be as flexible or can be used in as many situations as those in the S and A Tiers.

You can consider using the Serpent Shadow Clone ability to create clones that can deflect balls and can be hit by other players. However, it is only useful if the ball is targeting the clones and not you.

Another option is the Freeze ability, which can be a useable alternative to the Forcefield and the Infinity abilities. With it, you can freeze the ball in one place and deflect it whenever you want. After deflecting, the ball’s speed will increase, which is a great surprise kill ability.

  • Thunder Dash
  • Swap
  • Waypoint
  • Pulse
  • Dash
  • Super Jump
  • Quad Jump
  • Freeze
  • Platform
  • Tact
  • Force
  • Serpent Shadow Clone
  • Martyrdom
  • Wind Cloak
  • Quantum Realm
Blade Ball Clone Ability Gameplay

That’s all of the ability suggestions for you in Blade Ball. Many of these abilities are created for the offensive, defensive, and neutral playstyles. Depending on your personal preference, you’ll want to go for the abilities that fit you the most.


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