Blade Ball: How To Beat World Serpent Boss Event To Unlock Serpent Shadow Clones

Beware of the lasers!

There is a new cool event added to Blade Ball that requires players to team up together. And fight against the strong World Serpent boss! In this new event, you are going to use your full strength and do your best to avoid the attacks of the Serpent.

Upon winning the event, you will unlock the Serpent Shadow Clone ability. In this guide, we are going to talk about how to beat the world Serpent Boss event to unlock Serpent Shadow Clones!

How To Beat World Serpent Boss Event

In order to defeat the serpent in the new game mode known as the Serpent Event, you must band together with other players. There should be at least four players on your team.

If not, the event will not begin, and you will need to find yourself a server with more people. Every 30 minutes, a new game will start until SundayDecember 10, 2023.

Blade Ball: How To Beat World Serpent Boss Event To Unlock Serpent Shadow Clones

The event is divided into several stages. The first is a simple one where your only task is to block the serpent’s hits. And attempt to hit it with the ball.

In the second level, you have to try to harm the serpent while trying to stay out of the laser waves it is shooting out. This will then carry on until you eventually overcome it.

Blade Ball: How To Beat World Serpent Boss Event To Unlock Serpent Shadow Clones

In the first stage, you should try to stand as far as you can from the Serpent. We recommend you do this because other players might die at any point, and you might miss the ball that is coming in your direction if you are too close to the boss.

By keeping your distance from the Serpent, you can observe its attack and give yourself enough time to block the ball.

You do not have to move too much at this stage, as there are no additional threats that you should avoid.

Just keep your distance, follow the ball, and block it when it targets you. However, if you die, you are going to have to wait for the respawn time. And you will be respawned in the area.

World Serpent Boss

Once you deal enough damage to the World Serpent, it will unlock the next stage. In this stage, you will have to look at the lasers as well. The lasers are deathly, and they will be summoned by the Serpent quite often.

In this stage, you are going to see that it is not so easy to avoid the lasers, as they are pretty large. Thus, you should climb up to the rock lying at the back of the map.

Then, stay on top of it while the lasers are coming. The lasers will still harm you. But it will be easier for you to jump over them if you are staying on the rock.

World Serpent Lasers

If you want a trick that will get you rid of the lasers completely, you can also stand on the platform close to the World Serpent. Take a look at the image below to see it and make your way there.

World Serpent Lasers

After a while, the World Serpent will become even more angrier. However, there will be no changes to his attacks.

It will keep spawning the lasers. Therefore, you will be good as long as you stay on top of the platform we have shown you.

By doing the things we mentioned, you will eventually defeat the boss and gain the new Serpent Shadow Clones.

Blade Ball: How To Beat World Serpent Boss Event To Unlock Serpent Shadow Clones

Serpent Shadow Clones

You will receive the new Serpent Shadow Clone ability after winning the event. Using this power, you can call upon a clone to fight alongside you as an ally.

Unlocking this new clone ability is definitely worth your time, even though beating the Serpent Event might be challenging.

Shadow Clones

Additional Loot

If you defeat the World Serpent, you will also have the opportunity to obtain the following loot:

  • Explosion: Serpent’s Rage “A high-intensity beam cast by harnessing the power of the Serpent.”
  • Sword: Serpent’s Lance (Unique) “A decorative spear-like lance, looted from the Serpent’s domain.”
  • Sword: Serpent’s Fang (Unique) “A circular shaped twin blade, looted from the Serpent’s domain.”
  • Emote: Serpent’s Aura “A state in which you’re weightless; only its ancient powers from within radiate throughout your soul.”
  • Ability: Serpent Shadow Clone (Upgradable) “The lost souls follow you wherever you go, fighting for you when called upon.”
Blade Ball: How To Beat World Serpent Boss Event To Unlock Serpent Shadow Clones

This is how to beat the World Serpent Boss Event and unlock Serpent Shadow Clones in Blade Ball! We hope that this guide helped you to defeat this powerful boss. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.


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