Lethal Company: All Enemies Explained

Beware of these enemies!

Lethal Company would not be fun if there were not so many enemies trying to kill you! The game has eighteen enemies in total at the current moment. While some of them are less harmful, some might just kill you in one shot. Today, we are going to try to talk about all of them and explain how you are going to avoid them before they kill you.

We have a long list of enemies; if you would like to check out a specific one, see the table of contents below.

All Enemies Explained

In this guide, we are going to separate these enemies into two parts. First, we will talk about the enemies that you are going to come across inside the facility, and then we will discuss the ones you can see outside.

All enemies explained Lethal Company.

Inside the Facility Enemies

There are eleven enemies you can encounter inside the bunkers. We are going to explain each one of them. But before we do that, we would like to say that the turrets are not actually considered enemies in the game.

Since the turrets are not alive creatures, it might be considered a map hazard. However, we would like to share some information on those too, as they are pretty deathly, and knowing about them can save your life.


The Hygrodere is a huge, blue, slimy-looking chunk that causes damage if you touch it. It is probably one of the first enemies you are going to encounter in Lethal Company. You can understand that this enemy is around when you hear a noise that resembles boiling water.

Fortunately, it moves very slowly, and it is not that difficult to avoid. When you are dealing with this enemy, you should try to jump over it.

However, it is definitely not an enemy to belittle. Even though Hygrodere is pretty slow, it can block your path. If you are already in a small area, you might not be able to jump over it and die. Because of that, always keep an eye on Hygrodere, and do not try to hide in a small room.

One thing you should know is that you cannot kill Hygrodere by using a shovel, but there is a way to at least distract it. These creatures are attracted to the noise. Thus, if you can purchase a boombox, you can either place it in a small room to lure it inside or shut the door on it. Or, you can use it when you want to help out a friend.

Hydrogere in Lethal Company.


Turrets, similar to landmines, are map hazards in Lethal Company. These are tripod-mounted, stationary weapons that aim at any employee that comes into view. They can be turned off temporarily via the ship’s terminal.

The ship’s terminal allows for the 4.5-second deactivation of turrets. There is a cooldown period after the deactivation timer expires, during which the turret cannot be deactivated again. The turret goes into detection mode after powering back on.

One person should scan the turret and reveal a two-digit letter-number code in order to turn off the turrets. Then, a teammate on the ship can turn off the turret by entering this code into the terminal.

Scanning a turret in Lethal Company.

Snare Flea

Snare fleas are the type of centipede commonly found hanging from ceilings in buildings. Since they are located on the ceiling and mostly in dark places, they are very difficult to spot. You should always check out the ceilings as you move around.

If you get too close to the Snare Flea, it will jump to the ground and start chasing you. When it catches you, it will stick on top of your head and start suffocating you.

If you are playing the game with a friend, your only chance to survive is for a friend to kill it with a shovel, or zap gun before you die. In case your friend does not have the equipment to save you, your friend should try to guide you to an exit door as soon as possible. If you are close to a door, you might have a chance to survive.

But what happens if you just want to enjoy Lethal Company all on your own? The Snare Flea is not actually going to kill you if you are playing as a single player. Instead, it will suffocate you nearly to death and leave.

Also, make sure to check out this guide on how to take the Snare Flea off of your own head!

Snare Fleas in Lethal Company.

Spore Lizard

The Spore Lizard is a large reptile with a very big mouth. It is also one of the first enemies you are going to see in the game. And we can say it is the least dangerous enemy in the game. They are very shy, and they will run away when they see you.

They will only attack if you keep chasing them and get closer to them. But even when they do that, they will only unleash a pink mist to block your vision. Then they try to bite you. This mist does not affect your health, and even their bite will not harm you too much.

If you want to kill this harmless enemy, you can use a shovel or a zap gun. However, we advise you to just walk around it and not risk losing your health at all.

Spore Lizard in Lethal Company.

Hoarding Bug

This bug is also one of the enemies that are not harmful unless you disturb them. The Hoarding Bug is not going to get too close to you and will most likely walk away. However, just like the Spore Lizard, it will attack you if you try to chase it or hit it with an item. You can easily kill it with a shovel, but once again, we do not think it is worth losing health.

One other thing you should know about the Hoarding Bug is that it is going to try to steal your items. You should keep it in mind and not leave your heavy objects anywhere around the facility. If you do not want them to get lost when you are back. In case you don’t want to go back to your ship yet, but also don’t want to carry a big object around, just leave it outside the facility.

The Hoarding Bug will attack you if you stay close to it for a long time. Or try to pick up an item close to it.

Hoarding Bug group in Lethal Company.

Bunker Spider

We are moving toward very harmful enemies with this one. The Bunker Spider is a huge and very annoying spider that will chase anyone near its territory. It will sleep on walls and floors first and will become active as soon as you get close to it or trip on one of its webs.

Once the Bunker Spider catches you, it will kill you with only one or two hits and take your body too.

However, they are susceptible to stun guns and can be eliminated in approximately five hits with a shovel. Try to lead it around by walking backward and jumping when it attacks, as well as striking when it is not attacking.

Bunker Spider in Lethal Company.


Brackens, also known as Flower Men, are shadowy humanoids in Lethal Company. They quietly stalk the players, attempting to snap their necks and drag their corpses to a room most distant from the main entrance. Brief eye contact discourages them, but prolonged eye contact irritates them and sets off an attack.

Even though these creatures appear frightening, you do not need to be too afraid of them. Just do not try to kill it or start a staring contest with them. Try to check if they are following you from time to time, and you are going to be good.

The only problem is that they might be a little difficult to spot. This creature’s body is completely black, which makes it harder to see them in the dark. But you can see their eyes glowing, so it is not going to be too hard if you act carefully.

Bracken sight in Lethal Company.


Thumpers, also known as halves or crawlers, are two-legged, extremely aggressive creatures in the Lethal Company. They lack hearing but have incredible eyesight and can move extremely quickly; however, they struggle to maneuver around corners. Thumpers patrol the buildings you explore and are one of the more aggressive entities you will encounter.

Since they cannot hear you, you can try to stay out of their sight and sneak behind them to get rid of them. If you are not in a position to do that, you can try to run to the corners and make it move slower.

You can kill these entities with a shovel or a zap gun. It would not be too difficult to do that since they cannot hear you if you walk up to them from behind.

Thumper coming closer to the player in Lethal Company.


Coil-Heads, also known as Spring Men and Mannequins, are tall, humanoid creatures. They are mannequins without eyes and forearms, with agape mouths and a flexible spring in place of a neck.

Their bodies are covered in what appears to be a reddish substance, and they have nails punctured through them. It is challenging to defeat Coil-Heads on your own, particularly if you are also up against another dangerous enemy.

These creatures cannot be killed with any of the items you usually use to get rid of most other enemies. They are capable of killing you with only one shot if they catch you, but they cannot move if one of the team members is looking at them. When encountered, you can try to walk backward while seeing them to stop them from moving closer to you.

FUN FACT: We consider Coil-Head as the monster with the highest threat in Lethal Company. Want to know why? Check out our tier list for enemies danger level in Lethal Company – where we ranked them from most dangerous to least.

Coil Head in Lethal Company.


The Jester is a walking music box that might seem cute at first glance. However, it will start following you around when it notices you. This entity has two modes.

At first, the Jester is not going to attack you. However, as time passes, the music coming from it will begin to wind up rapidly. As the music goes faster, the Jester will reach the point where a skull will jump out of the box and chase its target. When this happens, there is no way for you to stop the process; you should leave the bunker as quickly as you can.

  • Boxed Mode: When a jester is first encountered, it ambles toward players and somewhat mimics their movements, but it does not do any harm. It makes sure to stay in one place by locking in the whereabouts of an employee at random. Unkillable and unflappable, you can jump on top of a jester that is blocking the doorway. Or crouch down to get past it if you find yourself at a dead end.
    • For a brief while (about 30 to 40 seconds), a jester will stay in this passive state until it stops moving and starts winding itself up while playing “Pop Goes the Weasel,” just like a conventional jack-in-the-box toy would.
Jester's boxed stage in Lethal Company.
  • Popped Mode: About forty-two seconds after the jester begins winding, its top will open and reveal a massive skull affixed to a fleshy stalk. It tracks the closest player and picks up speed, eventually outpacing them at a full sprint; however, it slows down when it comes into contact with an object or wall.
    • When it comes into contact with a player, it will instantly kill and devour them. It is possible to take advantage of the jester’s poor ability to avoid walls or objects to escape if you are farther into the facility, have enough spatial awareness, and know where the exits are.
Jester's popped stage in Lethal Company.

Ghost Girl

The Ghost Girl is one of the most annoying enemies you are going to come across in the game. When this creature is in the facility, she is going to choose one person as a target. After that, only the target is going to be able to see her. If you hear heavy breathing or laughter and your screen becomes blurry, you will know that she is aiming for you.

SIDE NOTE: If you’re wondering how the AI of the Ghost Girl works in Lethal Company, we have an interesting article about that topic as well!

When you are the target of this enemy, you should fear for your life. Even leaving the bunker and heading to the ship is not going to stop her from chasing you. She exhibits the following five unique behaviors:

  1. Absent: This is how the ghost girl starts out. After 20 seconds of waiting, she tries once every 4 seconds to choose a location to appear. If the target player is in the facility, she will choose a location closer to the player.
    • If they are aboard the ship, she will select a location on the surface. But, she won’t show up if they are outside the ship and the building.
  2. Staring: When in this state, she turns to face her target without moving, and if they are staring at her, a heartbeat sound will play. If the target player is within 5 units of her and facing any direction, or within 100 units of her and facing within 60 degrees of her direction, and they have an uninterrupted line of sight to her, then they are deemed to be looking at her.
    • She operates on an internal timer that lasts for 25 seconds outside and 15 seconds inside. She will transition to the disappearing state when the timer goes off.
Ghost Girl in Lethal Company.
  1. Disappearing: The ghost girl attempts to “walk offscreen” in this state. She chooses a place that is out of sight and moves toward it. She turns invisible and returns to the absent state the instant she leaves the player’s line of sight, moves within 4 units of the target player, or moves 0.2 units from her destination. She will transition to the vanishing state if she is touched by a non-target player while in this state or if she fails to select a spot.
  2. Vanishing: She converts to the absent state and becomes invisible right away in this state. But she starts making lights and flashlights flicker momentarily before she does that.
  3. Chasing: She hops in the direction of the intended victim, and if she touches them, they die. The chase lasts 20 seconds, or until the target player is more than 50 units away from her. She will revert to the absent state when it is over.
Ghost Girl hopping toward you in Lethal Company.

Masked & Mimic

Masked are dramatic masks introduced in Lethal Company’s Update 45. Employees who keep the masks on their faces for too long will be forced to wear them and become their captives. Masked will pursue other workers, seizing, murdering, and turning them into Maskeds as well.

Masked have two methods of spawning:

  1. Holding down the primary item use key while holding one of the dramatic masks will turn the player into a Masked. Every 5 seconds, there is a 65% chance that a comedy mask will latch on and take control of the player, in which case the mask’s eyes will light up.
  2. Similar to other enemies, Masked can spawn at random; however, this is limited to Rend and Titan moons.

Check out our guide on Monster Spawn Frequency by Moon to learn about your chances of encountering this enemy.

Masked player in Lethal Company.


They are, as the name implies, large nutcracker soldier figurines that are frequently in motion. When they pause to examine their surroundings, the head lifts to reveal a single eye on a stalk. They attack players within range with a shotgun and kick those who approach too closely because they are extremely sensitive to motion.

When in their patrol state, nutcrackers are unbeatable; they are only vulnerable when their eyes are exposed.

A shotgun reloading sound and quick, heavy footsteps are telltale signs of a Nutcracker. It wanders around its spawn site, pausing periodically to survey the surroundings (during a scan, its head will rise).

Hide in a corner to avoid confrontation; if the Nutcracker has already spotted you, try to get away by running around a corner before it can shoot. A Nutcracker can only see a player if the player is moving or is caught in a scan. If you manage to kill the Nutcracker with a grenade or zap gun, you can pick up their shotgun as a scrap.

Nutcracker in Lethal Company.

It is important to remember that a Nutcracker will become enraged when you deal them the final blow when fighting one. Its two-shot interval decreases dramatically in this state, from approximately one full second to about a quarter of that.

To keep the Nutcracker from going crazy, you can get two hits on the first reload, one on the second, and the final two on the third. This allows you to receive the last two hits in a single reload, meaning you never have to deal with its faster shots.

Killing a nutcracker in Lethal Company.

Outside the Facility Enemies

If you think that the danger is over when you are outside, you are pretty wrong. There are still five enemies you can encounter outside of the facility and your ship. All of these enemies, except circuit bees, and forest keepers, come out when it is dark.

In case you have a jetpack, it might be a very good idea to use it until you get back to your ship to avoid these monsters.

All enemies will have a chance to appear on the moon if the moon is in an eclipsed state.

Circuit Bees

Red bees, or circuit bees. They nest inside bee hives, just like the majority of bee species, and they will protect them from intruders. They are special in that they can conduct electricity amongst hive members, which they employ as a weapon.

The beehive they are protecting gives good credit if you manage to take it and sell it to the company. In order to do that, you should sacrifice one of your friends.

The bees will attack anyone near their hive, regardless of their intention. So, if you can have one friend trigger them and make the bees chase them, you can steal the hive.

For more information about these monsters, here’s a detailed guide on the best ways to steal Beehives! There’s lots of awesome tips and tricks here as well.

Circuit Bees in Lethal Company.

Eyeless Dog

The Eyeless Dogs are the creatures that will spawn outside of the facility when the sun goes down. Even though these are named dogs, they are more like dinosaurs without eyes. This enemy is blind but has very strong hearing. Therefore, you can try to stay where you are until it goes away and run to safety when you can.

However, the Eyeless Dog is going to follow you to the ship and will kill you if the door is open. Therefore, you should close the ship’s door as soon as you are inside and leave the moon as quickly as you can. If the door is not closed, it can even kill you after you start the ship.

You can kill the Eyeless Dog with a zap gun and with a friend who is going to hit it with a shovel. But it will take a lot of time before it dies.

If you want to read more about the Eyeless Dog, make sure to check out our dedicated guide on what the Eyeless Dog can hear in Lethal Company!

Eyeless dog inside the ship in Lethal Company.

Baboon Hawk

It is an ape with a hawk-like beak and wings. They begin spawning in the afternoon, usually on the more difficult moons. If you keep your distance, lonely baboon hawks are not likely to attack you. But if you outnumber them, they will most likely become hostile.

When employees stare at Baboon Hawks, they retreat and keep their distance from them. However, if you watch them for too long, they will eventually attack you.

When attempting to sneak past Eyeless Dogs, Baboon Hawks can be a useful distraction as they have a reputation for fighting and harassing them. Additionally, it has the ability to steal dropped scrap and become so enraged that it will attack an employee who tries to retrieve the scrap.

Baboon Hawk chasing the player in Lethal Company.

Forest Keeper

They devour any employee they come across; they are enormous and incredibly fast. Those giants cannot hear, but they have excellent vision. The Forest Keeper is unable to enter the ship, but they can seize employees who are close to the door or up against the walls.

To escape, you can use the zap gun or toss a stun grenade right before it catches you. But you cannot kill them.

If the employee weighs zero pounds, they can outrun a Forest Keeper for a short while, but if they pursue the chase for too long, it will get harder to do so.

Forest Keeper in Lethal Company.

Earth Leviathan

Last but definitely not least, we have Earth Leviathan. Also known as sandworms, these are enormous, worm-like creatures. They prowl around underground, looking for prey. When they find prey (it means you), they will rise up, causing the ground to shake, before emerging and leaping into the air.

Earth Leviathans emit a distorted, loud growl as they approach, and they also shoot black particles skyward. If you have a quick enough reaction time and a light enough weight, you can sprint out of the attack area. Dropping heavy objects (like big axles or bottles) and running away is the best course of action.

Earth Leviathan rising to the sky in Lethal Company.

This is it for our guide on all enemies in Lethal Company. It might be difficult to keep all this information in mind, but it is best to do it if you want to know how you are going to survive those enemies. Up next, why not check out our guide on all loots & items in Lethal Company? There are lots of high value information there as well!


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