Blade Ball: How To Defeat Sentinel Boss Guide

A party of 16 players against a strong boss!

Blade Ball: How To Defeat Sentinel Boss Guide

Blade Ball in Roblox has received a new update, called the Sentinel Event Update. During this event, you can fight the Sentinel Boss.

The Boss Fight has multiple phases with lots of attack moves you should watch out for from your enemies.

In this guide, we will show you how to defeat the Sentinel Boss in this unique Blade Ball gamemode.

How To Defeat Sentinel Boss Guide

You’ll ideally want to maintain a distance away from the boss and enemies. A far distance will leave you with more time to react to balls and damaging abilities. This tip applies to most situations, regardless of what stage you’re fighting the boss in.

Stage 1

The Sentinel Boss gamemode is a time-limited event where you join a game with up to 16 players. When you first spawn, you and everyone else will have a health bar of 3.

If you get hit more than 3 times, you will be eliminated. After a short while, when your team reaches the next stage, you will revive.

Keep in mind that if all players run out of health, the match will end.

Blade Ball: How To Defeat Sentinel Boss Guide

During this game mode’s first phase, you will fight the Royal Guards. These are enemies that also have a health bar of 3, just like any other players in the match.

They will launch balls at the players, dealing damage if the balls hit the players. To avoid taking damage, you will need to press the Block key and react on time.

The next attacks are the shockwaves. To avoid taking damage from the shockwaves, you must jump over the ring. As you do this, pay attention to any balls that may be flying at you.

Blade Ball Royal Guards

Stage 2

After you have defeated all of the Sentinel Guards, you will move on to the Boss Stage. This is when the Sentinel Boss makes his first appearance.

During stage two, you will fight the Sentinel Boss. To deal damage to him, you will need to deflect the ball and it will deal damage to him.

You will need to hit the boss up to 30 times to eventually defeat it.

Blade Ball Boss

His first attack move is when he spawns a lot of pink/purple balls and launches them at players. You cannot deflect or block these balls, so avoid them at all costs.

Blade Ball Balls

His next attack is the lasers. During this move, he will spawn lasers in a circle around him. To avoid taking damage, try to maintain a distance away from the boss.

Blade Ball Lasers

The next attack is also quite easy to dodge. His third move is the Flame Breath. To dodge it, try to stay away from him by maintaining a distance.

Blade Ball Breath

Stage 3

After hitting the boss 10 times, he will lose a third of his health. This will cause the boss to unlock the next stage with stronger attacks.

His next attack move is the Shockwaves. To dodge it, jump over the ring as it approaches you. You will take damage if you get hit so try to successfully jump over it.

Blade Ball Shockwaves

There will be red lasers that spawn around the map. These lasers will run into one another, dealing damage to anything in their path. To avoid damage, jump over the lasers and dodge them.

Blade Ball Lasers

The boss’ final move is when he spawns the Royal Guards to assist him in battle. During this stage, you will have to deal with both the balls of the Guards and the Boss.

Pay close attention as it may be more difficult for you to dodge both the Boss’ attacks and the Royal Guards’ attacks.

You can’t deflect two balls at once so keep this in mind whenever you deal with this many enemies.

Blade Ball Guards

After the match ends, even if you do not win, you will still receive rewards. You will randomly receive rewards like Coins, Emotes (Worm Emote) or Blades (Dragon Sword).

Blade Ball Rewards

That’s how you can defeat the Sentinel Boss in Blade Ball. It is important that you memorize all of the boss’ attacks to avoid taking damage. The longer you survive, the more likely that you will reach the last stage and receive your rewards.

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