Blade Ball: Sentinel Event & Update Guide

Try your luck with a Dragon spin!

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Blade Ball is a fun game where you run around a field and whack a ball that comes faster towards you with each successful hit. What makes it more interesting are the abilities and weapons that will cause sever agony to your opponents.

Now with the new update, there’s even more stuff to play around with that will surely cause pain to the guy trying to shove a ball in your direction. Find out the other things you can get while the Sentinel Event is underway with this Roblox Blade Ball update guide!

Sentinel Event & Update Guide

One of the newest weapons added to the Sentinel Event is a pair of Dual Fire Katanas. Get a chance to win it by making use of your spins.

You get new spins every hour, so you’ll eventually get lucky enough to win it after a few hours of gameplay. Abilities can be won during a Dragon Spin as well. However, their usage is quite limited. 

Win even more rewards by staying logged in for more than 20 hours. The longer you stay, the more Dragon Spins you get.

There are still a few things you can get from the previous Quantum Arena update. All of that can be viewed in another guide we made, just for you!

Blade Ball: Sentinel Event Dragon Spin

Moving on, Ability quests are still available. Play the game and do your daily missions to speed up the process of getting a free permanent ability. You better get to it, there’s only a week left before all of these rewards go away. 

Blade Ball: Sentinel Event Ability Training Event

New Weapons, Spins & Abilities

There are also a few selections of weapons you can use to mess with your opponent. You have the Aetherial Azure Katana and Reckoner that comes with the Aetherial Azure Pack.

This, of course, can be bought with 399 Robux, 1499 if you want to buy a pair. 

Blade Ball: Sentinel Event New Items

Heading over to the Spins section, you also get another weapon called the Gilded Glory. Now you’ll really have a reason to stay logged in for more than an hour.

Blade Ball: Sentinel Event Spins

Up next is the new Martyrdom Ability – A passive ability for beginners that can kill any beginner who has bested you in battle.

What happens is the ball will transport itself to the last person who managed to score a hit on you.

If they have the mobility and reflexes of a barn, then they won’t be able to counter your afterlife assault. You can get this ability for 4000 Coins

Blade Ball: Sentinel Event Martyrdom

Sentinel’s Revenge

Now for the star of the show! You can partake in the Sentinel Event by queueing for it in the lobby. That means getting in line with the rest of the Blade Ballers wanting to take him on. His event becomes available in the lobby every 30 minutes

Blade Ball: Sentinel Event Sentinel's Revenge

The match begins once Sentinel finishes monologuing. That’s a word, watch The Incredibles again. Anyway, you’ll be fighting the Sentinel himself during the second and third phases.

For the first phase, however, you’re going to have to defeat five of his Royal Guards. This will also damage the boss himself as the match progresses.

What you’ll be doing during the first phase will consist of dodging red balls coming towards you. Each Royal Guard has three health bars.

Send the balls back to the Royal Guard three times to kill them and damage the Sentinel. You’ll also be dealing waves emanating from the center of the arena.

Needless to say, these are lethal and will require dodging. 

As you progress towards Phase 3, you’ll start dodging more red balls and waves at the same time. What you can do to survive is to make use of your Block and Dash abilities to counter his balls.

For more details on how to beat the boss, make sure to check out our dedicated guide on how to easily defeat the Sentinel boss in the event!

Don’t worry, he’ll have other targets aside from you, so a window of opportunity will pop up eventually! Win the match to get some special crates with rewards like Swords or unique Emotes!

And that’s what Blade Ball will have during the new update and Sentinel Event. Take part in it now and win a few matches while doing a bit of gambling all at the same time!

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