Blade Ball: New Dragon Ability & Dragon Character Guide

Here’s all you need to know about the new Dragon Ability & Character!

Blade Ball: New Dragon Ability & Dragon Character Guide

Get´cha head the game as dragons have been summoned in the world of Blade Ball! A game where focus, timing and your strategy is at stake. Are you ready to test your skills to dodge a ball that is not coming towards you? Because in this new dragon ability I bet you can´t.

Previously, infinity has been the hottest item in the game but not quite for long! Because in the celebration of Lunar New Year let the dragons dance their way and fire those balls! Don´t miss out on learning this great new ability to bring fire to your game.

New Dragon Ability

This brand-new ability which you can obtain through New Year Spins is called Dragon´s Spirit. Such a majestic name for an ability huh?

Wait till you hear how this ability works and bring some spice and fire into your game! So basically, this ability will summon a dragon that chases the ball then it will change the trajectory of it.

Dragon's Spirit Ability in Blade Ball.

So, for example, the ball is targeting someone else and when you click the Dragon’s Spirit ability, it will change the target to a different player. How cool is that! A total game changer isn’t it?

Even if the ball is not targeting you with this new ability, you can change the direction of the ball and make someone else the new target!

Dragon's Spirit Upgrade in Blade Ball.

But did you know what makes this new ability so broken? You can actually upgrade it and it will have an extra 35% speed boost. So, changing the direction of the ball quickly can really make the new target not quickly dodge the ball which makes him or her to be eliminated.

Dragon Character Guide

New update means new element guys! Is it too early to say that the moves of this new Dragon character are one of my favorites in the elemental mode?

You can acquire the Dragon Character by completing the Element Training Event in the Lunar New Year. It can be progressed by finish quests and such!

Having a dragon by your side to protect you from the balls is insane enough not to crown this one. You can be able to burn your opponents with fire and at the same time, it enhances your protection!

Dragon Character in Blade Ball.
0Dragon MountHave a fun trip with the dragon as you ride on it while flying and exploring the skies.
10Draconic Leap           A really fun way to deal some damage as you will leap into the air and slam into your opponents.
20Dragon Guardian           This will summon three dragons who will form a shield around you and protect you from the ball that is coming.
50Fire breath LevelA passive skill that creates a fire that charges over time to enhance your next parry.

So, what do you guys think of the new ability in Blade Ball? It’s crazy right? This new ability is very OP to be honest. It’s a great tactic to escape when someone is targeting you but at the same time you can eliminate other players since you can quickly catch them off guard by changing the trajectory of the ball. That’s a win-win situation.

I can’t wait till you guys try it out. I bet you will be rocking it! Up next, why not check where your favorite ability stands? Here’s our Tier List for the Best Abilities in Blade Ball – where we ranked them from best to worst!


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