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Lost Ark: Salt Giant Location | Boss Guide

Defeat the Salt Giant!

The Salt Giant is one of the menacing bosses that you can encounter in Lost Ark. The Salt Giant has immunity to everything, making it one of the challenging bosses in the game. Below is a guide on where to find this boss and how to defeat it. 

Salt Giant Location

The Salt Giant is located in the middle of the Aregal Salt Plains, near the Nomad Camp. You can see the exact location of the boss in the photo above. 

How to defeat the Salt Giant

The Salt Giant has a lot of HP or Health, making it challenging to beat. Make sure that your character has a high enough level to defeat the Salt Giant. Bring potions in case you get hit by one of its powerful attacks. 

The Salt Giant has powerful attacks that slam the ground. However, these attacks are slow and you will have enough time to dodge away before it hits you. Below are some of the tips you can follow to defeat the Salt Giant:

  • The Salt Giant will rest for a bit after performing its slamming attack. Use this window to put some damage in. 
  • It has a lot of HP so be patient and focus on avoiding his slam attacks. 
  • Make sure to bring enough health potions to keep your character alive. 

If the boss is too challenging for you, you may need to fight other enemies and level up your character more. 

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