Bleach Revival: All Resurreccion Revealed & Showcase

What do we know about the Resurreccion in Bleach Revival so far?

Bleach: Revival is an upcoming Roblox experience based on the widely popular Bleach franchise, and it is shaping up to be the next big thing with how much work the developers have been putting into it.

With that said, quite a few people have gained very early access as testers of the game. In this article, we’ll be going over what we’ve been shown so far when it comes to the different variations of Resurreccion and their respective abilities.

All Resurreccion Revealed & Showcase

Although we are unsure of how to reroll at the moment, there are several variants of Resurreccion that have their own set of three abilities.

The game is still in early development, so these may not be final. Most of these moves also seem to have very similar and basic animations at the moment, so things are likely to change once the game is fully out.


Snake is the first variation of Resurreccion and it is said to have a rarity of common, which means you are more likely to get it upon rolling.

Its abilities are the following:

  • Basilisk Gaze – The user shoots energy from their eyes that seems to briefly stun the target.
  • Cobra’s Elegance – The user dashes forward and strikes the target multiple times.
  • Viper Sigil – The user grabs their target and throws them a fair distance away.
Bleach Revival snake


The next type of Resurreccion is Crow, which seems to give you feathery shoulder pads that resemble a crow’s feathers.

Its three abilities are:

  • Wing Sprout – A simple slash that deals multiple instances of damage on the target.
  • Avian Assault – Almost entirely similar to Wing Sprout, except it also acts as an aerial launch.
  • Crow Crash – Essentially a combination of the first two abilities, but it ends with your character doing a downward slam from the air.
Bleach Revival crow


Gorilla is another common type of Resurreccion, and it has some pretty basic looking but seemingly easy to combo skills. The three abilities it has are the following:

  • Ape’s Anger – Let out a roar that knocks the opponent back, then teleport to the target and hit them with a downward slash.
  • Pulverize – Teleportbehind the target and slash them a few times before knocking them back.
  • Primate Pounce – Similar to Pulverize, but without the slashes.
Bleach Revival gorilla


The Tiger variant is also common, though it seems to be more versatile due to having both offensive and defensive capabilities.

Its three abilities are the following:

  • Feral Pounce – The user slashes the target multiple times and launches them far away.
  • Clawed Fury – The target is hit with three slashes and knocked back. This will also cause the target to bleed.
  • Apex Strength – When hit while this ability is active, the user will teleport behind the attacker and briefly stun them.
Bleach Revival tiger


Engine is the first uncommon Resurreccion, meaning that it will be slightly harder to get than the others that have been revealed so far. Here are its abilities:

  • Jet Burst Slam – User rolls backwards and shoots out short-range blue flames that you can aim.
  • Ascension – The user gains temporary flight while burning enemies directly below them.
  • Overdrive – Activates a temporary mode that boosts the damage and speed of all your attacks and abilities.
Bleach Revival engine


Another uncommon one is Sound. As the name implies, it mostly involves screaming at your enemies. Its three abilities are the following:

  • Resonant Rampage – Knocks the target back and deals several ticks of damage.
  • High Pitch Scream – The user screams and deals damage in a cone in front of them.
  • Sound Wave Wall – This ability seems to form some sort of barrier around your character, though we are not sure what it’s for.
Bleach Revival sound


Undead is said to have a rarity of epic, which will likely make it incredibly hard to get compared to the others so far. It gives your character devil wings.

The three abilities of this Resurreccion are the following:

  • Lacerate – Slashes the target twice and knocks them back. Causes the enemy to bleed.
  • Undead’s Grasp – Summons a skeleton that will attack nearby enemies for a few seconds.
  • Broken Vows – Summons a skeleton that will constantly teleport around and hit your target.
Bleach Revival undead


Cerberus is another epic Resurreccion that has fire-themed skills and gives your character a large spiky tail. Here are its three abilities:

  • Hell Eruption – Causes an eruption slightly ahead of you that knocks enemies up and deals damage.
  • Magma Cluster – Pretty much the exact same as Hell Eruption but at a closer range.
  • Hellfire Beam – Shoots out flames that deal damage in a cone in front of the user.
Bleach Revival cerberus


Finally, Champion is the last Resurreccion currently revealed in this early version of the game, and it is also an epic. These are its abilities:

  • Aegis Thrust – The user punches the target and knocks them back.
  • Shield Bash – The user dashes forward, dealing damage and knocking back enemies that are in the way.
  • Brace – This ability works exactly like Tiger’s Apex Strength. When hit while it’s active, teleport behind the attacker and briefly stun them.
Bleach Revival champion

And those are all of the Resurreccion variants currently implemented in Bleach: Revival. These are still subject to major changes, as tester feedback seems to be in favor of reworking a lot of content, so it’s fair to say that these are definitely not final yet!

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