Blox Fruits: How to Get True Triple Katana

That’s a lot of damage!

The True Triple Katana is one of the four mythical swords in Blox Fruits, which makes it an incredibly powerful weapon. Due to its mythical status, obtaining it requires a lot of effort. This guide will focus on the steps involved in obtaining the True Triple Katana.

How to Get True Triple Katana

  1. The first step is to obtain the three legendary swords, namely Saddi, Shisui, and Wando, from the legendary sword dealer.
  2. The sword dealer spawns every six hours, and to know if he is on the server currently, you need to talk to the cafe manager.
  3. If the manager says, “Hey, I just saw him! He told me he would be in the area for 15 minutes. Good luck!” then this means he is in the server, and you need to be fast before any other player buys the sword off him. 
  4. Look for the Dealer in the seven spawn locations.
  5. Once the dealer is found, there is a 33.33% chance that he has one of the swords you need. Each sword costs two million, making it six million for the three swords.
  6. When all three swords are obtained, get them to mastery level 300.
  7. After getting the mastery level up, go to the Green Zone and climb the tallest beanstalk to reach the highest possible point.
  8. At the top, there will be a mysterious man. Talk to him to learn the True Triple Katana Style. This will cost you two million, so make sure to have that money.

Article continues with a detailed walkthrough below!

Detailed Walkthrough

The first step to obtaining the True Triple Katana is to get the three legendary swords. These are the Saddi, Shidui, and Wando. Each of these three swords can be bought from the legendary sword dealer.

Three legendary swords

To find out the status of the legendary sword dealer, make your way to the Cafe and talk to its manager. If ten minutes have not passed since joining the server, the manager will say it is too early to talk to him.

10 minutes not passed

Once ten minutes have passed, talk to him again and ask the dealer’s location. If his dialogue begins with “Some pirates ran into him..”  then hop to a different server as the dealer has left. If the dialogue begins with “I think he should be getting here soon…” then wait as he is about to spawn.

Time to hop servers

On the other hand, if he says, “Hey, I just saw him!..” then this means the dealer is on the island. This means you have to move fast, as if some other player buys the sword off him, he will despawn and not spawn for another six hours.

Dealer has spawned

Before chasing off to find the dealer make sure that you have at least TWO million with you since each sword costs this much. 

There are seven possible spawns for the dealer. He can spawn at the Colosseum, one of the leaves of the highest beanstalk in Green Zone, a waterway underneath Kindgdom of Rose, Usoapp’s Island, Graveyard, and behind the three rock formations in Green Zone:

Legendary Sword Dealer Locations

  • Colosseum
    The north-east arches of the Colosseum.
  • Under Kingdom of Rose
    Directly in the center of the tunnel beneath the Kingdom of Rose, on the left-hand side of a rock.
  • Green Zone Location #1
    At the center of the Green Zone, on top of one of the leaves attached to the largest beanstalk.
  • Green Zone Location #2
    Near Fajita, behind the 3-rock formation.
  • Graveyard
    Atop the central pillar in the Graveyard.
  • Usoapp’s Island
    The island of Usoapp, inside the center house.
  • Near the Factory
    Near the Factory, behind the grassy rock plateau. It’s the closest one to Jeremy.

Once the dealer has been located, talk to him to buy one sword. Since there are three swords, there is a 33.33% chance that the sword you want will be with him. If the swords you want are not with him, hop to another server to repeat the process.

If this whole process seems tedious to you, consider getting the Yama sword instead!

Dealer spawned in the waterway

After the three swords have been obtained, get them to mastery level 300.

Getting legendary swords to 300 mastery level

Once all three swords have reached mastery level 300, head to the Green Zone and climb to the highest point of the tallest beanstalk

Travelling to the Green Zone

At the top, you will find a Mysterious Man NPC.

Mysterious Man

Talk to the Mysterious Man; if all the prerequisites have been met, he will offer to teach you the True Triple Katana Style for two million

Talking to the Mysterious Man

Obtaining the True Triple Katana may be a chore due to the constant server hopping and even the dealer not having the required blade, but it is worth it for one of the mythical weapons. We would love to hear from you in the comments if you have any suggestions or critiques.

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