Blox Fruits: 2024 Updates | What To Expect & Overview

All of the things to look forward to in 2024!

Blox Fruits: 2024 Updates | What To Expect & Overview

Blox Fruits in 2023 has been a popular Roblox RPG game with many new features, updates, and events celebrated. The game is consistently releasing new and huge updates like the recent Christmas & T-Rex update, giving players content to play and never get bored.

For the next year, updates will continue to be added to the game! In this article, we will show you some of the potential updates that you can expect in the year 2024.

2024 Updates | What To Expect & Overview

Features Announced in 2023

First, it is likely that we will receive the UI Update that was already announced in 2023. However, we still haven’t seen it yet.

The developers are still working on it, and we will see it in the game in the future, especially in 2024. Here’s a list of remaining updates from 2023:

  • Rework to outdated areas.
  • Swords Model Reworks.
  • Outdated Abilities will receive Visual Reworks.
  • Older Fruits like Dragon and Control will also be receiving Reworks.
  • Other popular suggestions like click combat for more fruits will also be in the game.
Blox Fruits: 2024 Updates | What To Expect & Overview New Interface

2024 Updates

The next feature that’s going to be in 2024 is the Enhancement System. It seems like this system will require you to obtain specific types of enhancement stones, an item, and a number of currencies to enhance.

Once you enhance a piece of equipment, it will give a chance of giving you up to 3 random stats. For example, you can receive extra percentage damage or skill cooldown reduction.

Blox Fruits Enhancement

There will also be a new Scroll system. There is little information on what it does, but it will definitely increase your power in one way or another.

Blox Fruits Scrolls

Here are some maps that are going to be updated for 2024. In the image down below, you will be able to see the Haunted Ship map.

This map is much brighter compared to the one the game is currently using. With more lights, it will be more colorful, more visible, and easier to navigate.

Blox Fruits Haunted Ship

In the image below, you can see the old Winter Castle. This is the version that we currently have in the game.

Blox Fruits Castle

It may look old, but we are going to see it change its appearance soon! This is the new upcoming design for the Winter Castle.

Blox Fruits Castle

This is a small sneak peek of the Dragon Fruit skills that are being added. It seems like the Dragon Fruit has a strong AoE ability that can set the surrounding area on fire!

Blox Fruits Dragon Fruit

Apart from all the updates that are confirmed by the developers, we may be also getting the unannounced changes for 2024. These can be new regions, more new feature updates, and upcoming events that are going to arrive for the next year. Remember to always stay updated!

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