Nightingale: How to Get Crude Foundation

A crude start is sometimes essential for survival.

Survival plays a vital role when it comes to the world of Nightingale. Alongside crafting, you’ll also need to create your base to ensure that you can survive and have something to build on. For this purpose, you’ll need a crude foundation, on top of which you’ll build your base.

However, getting a crude foundation may not seem as obvious which can be pretty confusing. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with this one! In this Nightingale guide, we will show you exactly how you can get a crude foundation and the ideal place to place it. With that said, let’s get into it!

How to Get Crude Foundation

To get a crude foundation in Nightingale, you will need to do the following:

  • Purchase a Crude Foundation Schematic from an Essence Trader
  • Place the Crude Foundation from your Recipes Menu
  • Build it using the required materials.

You’ll need a temporary shelter when you’re making a crude foundation for your base. So, we recommend that you also get a Stick Tent.

Purchase Crude Foundation Schematic

First off, you’ll need to actually get the Crude Foundation Schematic. Without it, you will not be able to access the Recipe which means you won’t be able to place it.

To obtain the Crude Foundation Schematic, you’ll need to visit an Essence Trader. For example, one can be found in the Respite area of Nightingale by the name of Essence Trader Ben.

Essence Trader in Nightingale.

After you locate him, interact with him. This will open up another menu showcasing all the items and recipes that you can purchase from him. Navigate to the section that says Buildings: Crude

Here, you can find all sorts of Crude building items that we recommend you get. You can pair them with the Crude Foundation to make all sorts of buildings. You can purchase them alongside the Crude Foundation Schematic with Essence Dust.

Additionally, there is also a Stone version of the Crude Foundation available in Nightingale too that you can purchase from the Essence Trader.

Crude Schematics Menu in Nightingale.

Place the Crude Foundation

Now that you have the Schematic, you will unlock the Recipe. Open up your Recipes Menu and navigate to the Buildings: Crude section. Here, you will be able to select the Crude Foundation among other Crude recipes that you have in Nightingale.

Crude Foundation Recipe in Nightingale.

Make sure that you place it down in an ideal location. We recommend that you check out our Best First Base Location guide. It will help you in choosing the best location when setting down your Crude Foundation for your base.

Placing Crude Foundation in Nightingale.

Build the Crude Foundation

Once the Crude Foundation Blueprint is placed, you’ll need to actually build it. That means fulfilling the material requirements by gathering them and placing them in the blueprint.

Here are the material requirements you need to fulfill for the Crude Foundation:

  • x5 Sticks
    • Can be obtained by picking up sticks from the ground
  • x6 Wood Bundles
    • Can be obtained by chopping trees
  • x4 Plant Fibre
    • Can be obtained by picking up plants from the ground.

After that, simply place these items in the blueprint and the Crude Foundation will be built!

Collecting Plant Fibre in Nightingale.

That’s everything you need to know about getting Crude Foundations in Nightingale! You can build a base on top of it with additional blueprints that you can get from the Essence Trader. Additionally, if you’re struggling in the beginning, we can help you out by showing how you can get the best start in Nightingale!


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