Blox Fruits: All Working Codes (May 2023)

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In Blox Fruits there’s a lot of codes that you can redeem that can give you some freebies. Most of the codes give you double XP for a short time period so make sure to use it wisely! It’ll help you progress in the game faster if you use these codes properly and maximize your play time.

There’s a couple of codes that you can still use in May of 2023 so in this guide we’ll show you what those codes are and how to redeem them!

All Working Codes (May 2023)

Here are all the working codes for May 2023 and what they give:

  • CINCODEMAYO_BOOST – 20 Minutes Double XP
  • 15B_BESTBROTHERS – 1 Hour Double XP
  • Sub2CaptainMaui – 20 Minutes Double XP
  • DEVSCOOKING – 20 Minutes Double XP
  • SUB2GAMERROBOT_RESET1 – 30 Minutes Double XP
  • BIGNEWS – Free Title
  • FUDD10 – 1 Beli

How to Redeem Codes

First off, you’ll need to redeem your codes. To do this go check the left side of your screen where you can see a bunch of buttons. There you’ll find the Twitter button, or the blue button with a white bird.

Blox Fruits Redeem Code Button

Click on that button and it’ll show you the text box where you redeem your codes in the game.

Blox Fruits Redeem Codes Text Box

If you get the message “Invalid” when you enter in a code, then you might have messed up the spelling. If you’ve already redeemed the code, it will say that you have. All codes in the game can only be redeemed once.

That’s all the working codes for May 2023 in Blox Fruits. There will probably be more in the future so keep an eye on that! After using up all those codes you might want to get better gear as well. In our guide on how to get the Yama Sword we go in-depth on how to get this legendary weapon so you should check that one out!

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