Destiny 2: All 9 Action Figure Locations

What’s even more fun than completing your action figures?

If you think you have already explored enough every corner of Neomuna, then completing They’re Not Dolls triumph will just be a piece of cake for you.

Destiny 2 is generous enough to give you an exciting challenge like this one. Aside from completing the quests, you are also able to obtain Cloud Strider action figures. That being said, here is a guide to the location of all 9 action figures.

All 9 Action Figure Locations in Destiny 2

As mentioned before, all these 9 action figures can be found in different locations. Some also require extra tasks in order to find and obtain it.

Also, new action figures spawn each week for four weeks. 

#1 Ahimsa Park

Source: Esoterickk from YouTube

In this one, you just have to go to the district and into the atrium of the giant building. From there, you will see a staircase looking like this. 

Source: Esoterickk from YouTube

Go under the staircase and move further until you arrive near a small cave. That is where you can find the action figure.

#2 Typhon Imperator

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The next action figure can be found in Typhon Imperator which is located just northeast of Ahimsa Park.

Source: Esoterickk from YouTube

After you enter this portal, you will know that you are getting closer to the area. Defeat the enemies that you will see, and head to this gadget on the countertop.

Source: Esoterickk from YouTube

Upon activating, you will be tasked to collect 11 vex cubes floating around the area. After collecting all of them, you will see an indicator that points to the exact location of the action figure.

#3 Liming Harbor

For this one, you will have to get inside the central security building of Liming Harbor. Get to the front desk, then activate the PDA.

After activating, the challenge will commence. Your goal here is to keep the vex from entering the building without you leaving your spot.

After you complete the challenge, the action figure will appear in front of you on the desk.

#4 Radiosonde

For this action figure, you will have to head over to the Radiosonde building which can also be found in Liming Harbor.

You have to go to the final room that you can find here. Once you are there, you will see this wall with dials that look like clocks.

Face across it and you will see this machine. Activate it, then go back to the wall. There will be lights that will appear in sequence. The dials must also be triggered in sequence the same as the lights.

Here is the correct sequence for it:

  • 9 o’clock
  • 2 o’clock
  • 11 o’clock
  • 3 o’clock
  • 5 o’clock
  • 7 o’clock
  • 12 o’clock
  • 6 o’clock

After that, return to the machine and you will see the action figure.

#5 Maya’s Retreat

For this one, you will have to go past the great bridge and get inside the caves.

You have to find these big bowls. Activate them to produce fire. There will be three of these that you have to find and activate.

Once you are done, the action figure will spawn in front of the bowl.

#6 Zephyr Concourse

On the eastern side of Zephyr Concourse, you will see the next action figure.

On the marked spot, you will see a bar station. Jump over the counter and you will see a gadget near the bottles. Activate it.

Once it gets activated, enemies will start spawning from each side. You have to make sure enemies won’t get close to you so kill them while they’re still away from you. You have to do this while not leaving the bar.

After you defeat all enemies, the action figure will spawn in the same spot as the gadget earlier.

#7 Esi Terminal

For this action figure, you will have to head over to the open restaurant that you will see after passing by the Shadow Legion barricades.

Head straight to the kitchen and activate the sink to start the challenge.

You will then see blooms that you have to carry and dunk into the sink on the other side. While doing this, you will be attacked by enemies. Make sure to collect all blooms and carry them to the sink.

The action figure will then appear on the sink.

#8 Irkalla Complex

You can find the Irkalla Complex as you head towards the west of Zephyr Concourse.

For this one, you should be able to finish the Lightfall campaign as you will be going to the place where you defeated the Shadow Legion.

Get to the top of the roof where the sentry guns are located. 

Walk on top of the sentry guns and walk to the very end of each barrel.

Using your gun, look to the spot where the sentry guns are pointing and shoot the small dark item. After you do this for all the sentry guns, the action figure will spawn in front.

#9 Strider’s Gate

For the last one, head over to the Strider’s Gate and go inside the building. On the right side, you will see a note inviting you to play in a target gallery. 

On the left side, you will see arcade video games. Interact with one of them and you will seem to be absorbed in the game. 

When you are already inside, your goal is to shoot these vial targets.

The silver diamonds that you can see above will serve as your times. Shoot the silver hex diamonds that spawn to refill your time.

Aside from aim, what you should be needing here is a keen pair of eyes. The small canisters will respawn anywhere around the place, and you are not allowed to jump over there to get a closer look or it will be over.

You will know that you have shot enough targets once you get respawned in the real world. There, you will see the last action figure on top of the machine.

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