Blox Fruits: Dragon V2 Rework All Leaks & Showcase

Yeah that needs a rework alright!

Blox Fruits Dragon V2 Rework All Leaks Showcase

With the rise of live-service games even independent developers are going with that route with their games. A lot of Roblox games out there are often live-service and get updates, content patches, and reworks from time to time.

One of the games that will have a rework is Blox Fruits and the players are all waiting for the Dragon V2 rework.

In this guide, we’ll show you what we know about the upcoming Dragon V2 rework and remodeling that they’re doing. Now, let’s see what the news for this future update is!

Dragon V2 Rework All Leaks & Showcase

It’s already been said by the developers of Blox Fruits that the Dragon V2 will have its rework. They promised it last year, but a lot of players have noticed that it’s taking longer than expected.

You’ve already probably seen the leaked image shown below that shows one of the moves for the rework.

Did you know? The Dragon Fruit is still one of the best fruits for PVP in the game while we wait for the rework. For more details, here’s a detailed tier list of the best PVP fruits in the game!

Most players have speculated that the Dragon V2 will have a Hybrid form since the blurry image shows the player model having a tail. It’s not confirmed yet if it is but the dragon form is confirmed by the developers.

Blox Fruits Dragon V2 Leak 1

Shown below is a blurry image of the dragon form from the developers. This is the main reason why the update is taking so long they’re going to change it.

That’s because they’ve run into some copyright issues with the model, and they now need to do some last-minute remodeling.

Blox Fruits Dragon V2 Leak 2

That sucks for the player base but hopefully, the developers don’t take too much time with the remodel. They’ve been working hard with said model and the different moves so all we can do now is wait for the big update!

That’s all the leaks that we’ve found for the Dragon V2 rework in Blox Fruits. Now, let’s wait for that update to come and enjoy the game in the meantime!

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