Blox Fruits: How To Counter Spam Fruits Guide

Show these players that they’re not invincible.

Mammoth Fruit in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is a fun Roblox game based off of the popular franchise, One Piece. In Blox Fruits, there are some fruits that people will use to spam repeatedly and make the game unfair. This can cause some players to lose interest in the game as no one really likes it when players spam repeatedly in a fight.

But what if I tell you there is a way to counter these spam fruits in the game? In this guide, I will show you how you can counter all of the spam fruits in the game, so you can have a better fighting chance!

How To Counter Spam Fruits Guide

In Blox Fruits, there are 8 fruits that players in the community deems as “spam fruits”. These fruits are usually used by those who do not know how to play the game well and rely on spamming the same moves by using these fruits to win. It’s a valid strategy, but an annoying one.

Here are the 8 spam fruits that we will be talking about and showing you how to counter them:


The Mammoth is a behemoth of a fruit, which has a wide reach when attacking. In fact, the reach of all of his attacks is the reason why it’s considered a spam fruit.

Players would normally use this fruit to do large amounts of damage at a wider range compared to other fruits. Not to mention that the attacks are also spammable, which makes attacking this fruit hard.

However, there is a way to counter it. The main method is to put some distance between yourself and the Mammoth – and keep that distance.

While the Mammoth can attack with a wide range, that doesn’t mean his attacks can hit you from a distance.

Mammoth attack in Blox Fruits.

With some distance between you and the Mammoth, you can now counter the Mammoth and start attacking with long range attacks.

  • If you are primarily using a fruit or fighting style that is close range only, it’s best to switch to a fruit or fighting style that has long range attacks.
  • If not, then I recommend you to run as fast as you can away from the Mammoth after an attack.

But if you do have a long range fruit or fighting style, always be sure to keep your distance while attacking from a distance.

Counter Attack against the Mammoth in Blox Fruits.


For Buddha, you will not have to worry about any of the attacks it can do except for Soul Guitar. This attack will be the bane of your existence in Blox Fruits, as triggering it will instantly draw you in and deal so much damage if you are not able to get away fast enough.

Combine that with the fact that Buddha players will spam their M1 attacks while you are trapped in the Soul Guitar, you can die really quickly.

However, the counter for this fruit is basically the same thing as Mammoth: put some distance between yourself and the Buddha user and attack from afar.

Aside from the Soul Guitar, the Buddha can’t really deal a ton of damage if you are far away. They solely rely on the Soul Guitar attack to draw people in. But if you are far from the Soul Guitar, then you won’t have to worry about getting damaged.

Fighting against Buddha in Blox Fruits.


Next is the Leopard, which might be annoying to veterans of the game as Leopard is insanely fast. The M1 alone launches the Leopard towards you and deal a lot of damage when you are hit.

The worst part about the M1 is that it is spammable, so you will be attacked from all sides by a Leopard user if you have a slow reaction time.

But thankfully, Leopard’s can be countered by using the same method we have been using in the past: putting distance between you and the enemy and attacking from afar.

However, the Leopard can cover the distance between you and him easily by spamming M1, but that’s where you fight fire with fire.

Fighting the Leopard in Blox Fruits.

While fighting the Leopard, keep spamming your dash or whatever skill that allows you to move around the area really quickly.

This will confuse the Leopard user and try catch you, but since you are moving so much it will be a hard to hit you. While doing so, keep attacking the Leopard so you can deal some damage while running around.

Countering the Leopard in Blox Fruits.


Up next is the prehistoric legend, the T-Rex. This fruit is bigger than the Mammoth but twice as annoying as the Leopard.

His attacks and skills all do one thing if they connect with you: inflict Bite and break your shield. Once you are hit with its attack, you will not be able to defend yourself with your block and you will also get damage over time from the Bite.

The T-Rex attacks with wide swings and fast speed, so once again, the same strat of beating this spamming fruit is by putting some distance between you and the T-Rex while attacking it with long range attacks.

Facing against the T-Rex in Blox Fruits.


The next fruit is the Dough fruit. From the name alone, you will probably think that it’s not too bad of a fruit.

You’ll be in for a surprise when you realize how many people use Dough due to how easy it is to master while also dealing a ton of damage with the combos it can do. Most of the attacks can be countered by using the Instinct Trick.

If you are not aware of the Instinct Trick (alternate name is Ken-Trick), it is basically a gameplay mechanic that allows users to avoid combos and take less damage from certain moves. This can be applied to some of Dough’s moves, but not all of them. Here are those moves:

  • Missile Jab
  • Piercing Clothesline
  • Pastry River
Dough attacks in Blox Fruits.

Once you have mastered the art of Instinct Tricking, you can pretty much fight back against the Dough fruit with close range and long range attacks.

About to perform an Instinct Trick in Blox Fruits.


The Dragon fruit has two forms that you will need to fight, but only one of them is worrying. For the base form, you will be fighting the human version of the Dragon fruit.

The human form is not too bad to fight, as you will just need to focus on staying up in the air because the Dragon human form’s attacks are all on the ground.

However, if you get hit by any of the attacks, then it can do some major damage to you and open you up for more spammable attacks. Again, just focus on staying up in the air while they are in human form.

Human Form Dragon attack in Blox Fruits.

For the Dragon form, this is where things get annoying. The Dragon form will have the user remain up in the air, almost impossible to reach if you do not have any skills that let you jump up in the air higher.

While up in the air, the Dragon will be able to hit you with attacks you cannot attack. The only good part here is that the attacks are not spammable, so you will have some breathing room.

The way to counter this is by once again keeping distance from the user. Simply keep running around and go high up in the air to fight the Dragon.

Dragon Form in Blox Fruits.


The Venom fruit is not too bad to deal with, as it relies on using the poison that is left behind when doing attacks to do damage.

The puddles of poison left behind can easily be moved around, same can be said for Venom’s skills. They are all AoE attacks, but if you are far enough from the user, you can pretty much avoid all of them.

Same can be said for when they use the transformed form of Venom.

Venom attacks in Blox Fruits.


Last is the Kitsune. However, there are 3 versions you will fight: Unawakened Kitsune, Regular Kitsune, and Riding Kitsune.

Each Kitsune will have different moves and attacks that you will encounter while fighting. But the only way to counter all of the Kitsune variations is by doing one thing: Run.

The Kitsune are fast and once hit, you are done for. But if you are able to run really fast and get away from them, you will be able to counter attack by attacking with long range attacks.

Kitsune forms in Blox Fruits.

That’s all you need to know on how to counter against these spam fruits in Blox Fruits. Did this guide help you understand how you can fight back? Let us know in the comments below.

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