Blox Fruits: Ghost Value | What Do People Trade For Ghost?

What is this spooky little fruit actually worth to other people?

Blox Fruits allows people to trade with one another in order to get whichever fruit they desire. However, the values of these tend to be unstable and change over time, especially whenever a new update drops.

Having said all of that, this article will go through the general value of the Ghost Fruit and what people may be willing to offer for it.

Ghost Value | What Do People Trade For Ghost?

The Ghost Fruit is worth just around $940,000 or 1,275 Robux, and since it only has a rarity of Rare, it isn’t particularly hard to find in the store.

Although it has decent utility and is a pretty okay fruit to use, its value as a trading commodity is fairly low and you will likely struggle to exchange it for higher tier ones (800,000 physical value on the market). With that said, here are some offers that you can encounter:

  • Generally, you can easily pull off a 1:1 trade for similarly valued fruits such as Magma or Quake.
    • Barrier can be a fair trade if you need it too, even though it has a same/lower value than Ghost.
  • If you are lucky, you can trade up for something like Love, Spider, or even Phoenix, though you may struggle a bit to find a person willing to do this.

If want to read more about fruits and their values, make sure to check out our guide on All Fruit Values & trading list in Blox Fruits!

Overall, the Ghost Fruit is not doing particularly great at the moment, and it is mainly being used as an additional option alongside more valuable fruits. You can still trade up if you are persistent, but don’t expect too much.

Blox Fruits Ghost trade

If you are new to trading and are unsure of where to do it, you must first gain access to the Café in the Second Sea or the Mansion in the Third Sea, so start leveling up to get to these zones if you haven’t reached them yet.

That’s pretty much it for the Ghost fruit’s current value. If you don’t plan on using it, consider trying to trade up for something more valuable, which you can then use to exchange for even better fruits!

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