Gray Zone Warfare: Best Headset Guide

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Gray Zone Warfare puts a lot of focus on realism to ensure that you get as close to a real soldier experience as possible. This means that many of the weapons and accessories that you can rock in game actually have a meaningful impact. One such item that has this effect in the game are Headsets. 

You have access to a variety of Headsets that provide different features and functionalities, depending on what you’re going for. But how do you know which one is right for you? In this guide, we’ll show you which is the Best Headset for you in the game. Let’s dive in!

Best Headset Guide

There are currently a total of 4 Headsets in Gray Zone Warfare. Each of them has its own unique usage, which we will address in the guide. It is important to note that everyone will have a different experience with headsets.

So, make sure you do test them out yourself before you stick to one. Most of the Headsets can also be purchased in game and you’ll need money for that. Consider checking out our How To Make Money Without Tasks guide for a really foolproof method.


Earmuffs are one of the more commonly available Headsets in Gray Zone Warfare. These headsets allow you to reduce incoming noise from the outside world. This means they can reduce the sound of gunshots, ambient sounds and so on.

As a result, they differ majorly from the other Headsets, whose goal is to amplify specific sounds. They are pretty easy to find as well. You should be able to find one in one of the Starter areas too.

It is very handy to have Earmuffs on hand. This is because they can be used at firing ranges when you are testing out new weapons. Additionally, they can help block gunshot sounds in closed environments, where the sounds can be uncomfortably loud.

Many players also find the sounds of choppers in Gray Zone Warfare very annoying, so you can use these Earmuffs at the LZ too.

However, we don’t recommend that you use them in most gunfight situations, especially in the open. They will end up blocking crucial sounds that will affect your awareness.

All Headsets in Gray Zone Warfare in Inventory.

Ultimate Power Muff Quads

The Quad Headsets in Gray Zone Warfare are headsets that allow you to amplify ambient sounds while reducing more harmful ones. As a result, these Headsets can give you greater awareness of your surroundings.

You will be able to hear crucial sounds like footsteps, voice lines, rustling bushes and enemy gunfire. These Headsets can amplify ambient sounds by up to nine times.

However, many people feel that the Quads are the least effective of the Headsets for ambient sound amplification. Nonetheless, they are incredibly useful if you don’t have any other Headsets or just starting out with the game.

If you’re looking for the best items sold by Vendors, look no further than our Max Level Traders guide for Gray Zone Warfare.

Quad Headset in Gray Zone Warfare.

Razor Pro Digital

Next up, we have the Razor Headsets in Gray Zone Warfare. These Headsets work in very much the same way that the Quads do. They amplify ambient sound while actively reducing harmful sounds.

However, Razor Headsets very noticeably amplify ambient sounds much better than the Quads. If you have both of them on hand, you can try equipping both of them and see the difference yourself.

While it is not a huge upgrade, it will help you much more in the battlefield. If you care about performance and efficiency, we strongly recommend that you purchase these ones if you have the funds.

Razeor Headset in Gray Zone Warfare.

Active Headset GSSH-01

Finally, we will be looking at what is considered the Best Headset in Gray Zone Warfare by many players. These are the GSSH-01 Headsets and like the previous two work to increase ambient sound and lower harmful noise.

In this regard, they are the best Headsets you can get in the game because they provide the most crisp sounds and give you an ideal awareness of the environment. You’re not going to miss anything wearing these.

Keep in mind that their improvement is not significant from the Razor Headsets. But if you try them on, you will definitely notice a slight improvement. So, they are by far the Best Headsets available for you in Gray Zone Warfare.

They are incidentally the hardest Headsets to get since they cannot be bought from Vendors like the others in this list. Additionally, they are Rare to as you can only find them on army personnel in Gray Zone Warfare as loot.

However, since they are so unbelievable we do recommend you try to get your hands on them, especially if you have progressed ahead in the game. They can be found pretty reliably in certain locations.

GSSH Headset in Gray Zone Warfare.

Here are the locations to find the Best Headset GSSH-01 in Gray Zone Warfare:

  • Fort Narith (recommended)
  • Midnight Sapphire
  • Tiger Bay Center Mall.

Fort Narith is the best location to find these Headsets because you can pick off enemies from the outskirts. The other locations will require you to go to the center while also being notoriously difficult to play solo.

However, the Tiger Bay Center Mall is a really good spot to farm for keys. Check out our How To Clear Tiger Bay Center Mall if you do decide to venture out there.

Fort Narith on map in Gray Zone Warfare.

That’s everything you need to know about the Best Headset Guide for Gray Zone Warfare. As you can see, these Headsets can make your experience much better in the game. As part of your experience, you might feel that you aren’t leveling up as fast as you want to. Our How To Level Up Faster guide for Gray Zone Warfare is here to help you out with that!


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