Blox Fruits: Mammoth Value | What Do People Trade For Mammoth?

Turn into a hulking behemoth of a creature with the Mammoth fruit!

In Blox Fruits, players can collect all sorts of fruits with varying abilities and power levels. People love to trade among one another to get the fruits that they want, but most are unsure of how to value what they have and struggle to make good offers.

Having said that, this article seeks to inform you of what the Mammoth fruit is currently valued at and what kind of offers you can get for it.

Mammoth Value | What Do People Trade For Mammoth?

The Mammoth Fruit can be purchased from the Blox Fruit Dealer for $2,700,000 or 2,350 Robux if it ever shows up in stock. Due to its Mythical rarity, it can be hard to actually find it for sale.

Mammoth is a great choice for various bits of PVE and PVP content, so people consider it to be one of the better fruits in the game right now (18,000,000 physical value on the market). With that said, here are some offers that you may run into:

  • Its value has gone down a bit after its initial hype wore off, but you can still get a fair deal by trading it for one or a combination of fruits such as: Gravity, Love, Rumble, Portal, Venom, Spirit, Shadow, Buddha, and even Control.
  • If you’re lucky, you can still trade up for a Leopard, Dough, or Dragon, but only if the trader desperately wants your Mammoth.

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Blox Fruits mammoth trade


Long story short, the value of Mammoth has significantly declined after the first few weeks of its release, but you can still get good fruits in exchange for it.

In the event that you have no idea where to start trading, you’ll have to first gain access to the Café in the Second Sea or the Mansion in the Third Sea, so you must level up quite a bit before you can start to offer stuff to other players.

That’s pretty much it for the Mammoth fruit as of the latest update. It’s still a well-regarded fruit, though people have essentially stopped overpaying for one as it has finally reached its true value.

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