Warcraft Rumble: Tournament Grom Vultures Build Guide

Make carrion out of your foes!

Warcraft Rumble Deck

Have you always wanted to try your own build and destroy players who are clearly more experienced than you in Warcraft Rumble? The answer has to be yes, nothing is more humbling than losing to someone using a build that even you’ve never heard of before, let alone experimented with.

We have that build just for you in this guide. Take a look if you’re looking to make use of Grommash along with some Vultures. With this guide you’ll be able to blow everyone out of the water without even using any real money!

Tournament Grom Vultures Build Guide

Grommash with the addition of Vultures is an insane pressure build that makes use of fast cycles to outplay whales with deep pockets. If you’ve used Vultures before, then you’ll know that they’re quite cheap.

This makes them viable later on as you’ll be able to send in a constant stream of oversized birds to your opponent’s base with every push you make. No AoE can blow them all out of the sky either.

Warcraft Rumble Deck

Deck Build Explanation

Have Grommash with you and give him the Mirror Image talent. To make things simple, doing this will make him tankier and will help out with minis and towers.

This also gives you bloodlust from your clones. Going against Hogger will be a good time to make use of Savage Strikes, but it makes you weaker.

Warcraft Rumble Grommash

Enter the Vultures. These guys can turn the tide of any battle you find yourself in, they even work while being talentless!

Most of the time, you’ll only be using 1 gold to let you start overwhelming your opponent during a push.

Vultures also synergizes well with Grommash’s bloodlust. If you do have talents for it, then a good pick would be Tendon Rip as it gives you more time to defend.

Warcraft Rumble Vultures

Chain Lightning is best used with Reverberation. What it can kill is a collection of Wehlp Eggs, Sappers, and Harpies.

If that isn’t enough that it can also kill Jaina, Murkeye, and Darktroll Spears. Another mini you can use are Drakes.

They too, can deal with Wehlp eggs easily, just as they did in our guide on how to beat Onyxia.

Warcraft Rumble Chain Lightning

You’re going to want the Skeletons in your party for Questing Buddies. A better option would be to use Exhume as it gives more offensive pressure to your bone rattlers. With that said, Skeletons still go well with Grommash due to his passive ability.

Warcraft Rumble Skeletons

Quilboar gets included in this build without any question. He’ll also take 50% less damage from elemental attacks. This is very useful for your team if you’re ever faced with an opposing force that deals elemental damage.  

Warcraft Rumble Quilboar

The same goes for the S.A.F.E Pilot. Comin’ In Hot is used by almost everybody due to its deployment speed. Burning nearby enemies is a bonus.

Warcraft Rumble Safe Pilot

Putting on a Safety Bubble on your Murloc Tidehunters will make them more resilient regardless if they’re underleveled. However, you can opt in for Morelocs instead, which gives you one more Murloc to push with. With that said, let’s see how they fare in a fight!

Warcraft Rumble Murloc

Performance in PvP

The first thing you should send out are your Vultures. After that, send your pilot to your first tower to gain control of it. You can send in Quilboar along with Grommash to the right lane as well. This however, depends on where you’re being attacked.

If all of that plays well, you should be able to send in another Quilboar down the middle as a distraction. Send in the Murlocs as well to make the distraction last a bit longer. Your Vultures can be sent out to any vacant lanes to either defend or push at this point.

Warcraft Rumble PvP

With enough luck, you should be able to counter your opponent before the first minute is over. The tide of battle will turn against your opponent eventually when they’re low on gold.

When that happens, go for the second tower and corner them. Gain control of that and start plopping down Skeletons to protect it further.

Now that you have control of the field, it’s time to make a push for the main base. Have your Safe Pilot defend your second tower just in case a few enemy units slip through.

You need not worry about slow moving targets trying to regain control of your tower. Just get rid of them fast enough before they get close.  

Warcraft Rumble PvP

Of course, you’re expecting playstyles to vary since you’re playing against real people. For some cases, you can just wait for your opponent to make the first move.

A good thing to do is to always send your Vultures out first. A lone Quilboar pushing Grommash will never end well for your opponent. But if you’re not sure, have a Safe Pilot at the ready to back him up.

Warcraft Rumble PvP

Extra Tips

The only thing you have to fear with this build is the chance of your opponent bringing in Trolls. Luckily, extremely high leveled players don’t play Troll often since it’s easily countered by Safe.

Not only that, but they also won’t send out any 3 gold unit to try and take out your cheap 1 gold units.

Every now and then when you try to make a push yourself, you can send all three units together. This includes Grommash, your Vultures and the Murlocs.

Just make sure you have enough gold to send in another wave if they ever get wiped out!

Warcraft Rumble PvP

And that’s how you build a Grommash team fit to take on the world in Warcraft Rumble. Try it out for yourself and see how much suffering you can inflict on others!

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