Blox Fruits: Spider Value | What Do People Trade For Spider

Itzy Bitsy Spider!

Do you want to become like Spiderman in a pirate world? Well, you can! Blox Fruits offers a variety of abilities by giving players different fruits like the Spider Fruit. Not many players have this fruit in the game. Others give it away, while others trade it for better fruits.

In this article, I will show a list of fruits that you can trade for the Spider Fruit. If you’re lucky enough, maybe someone can offer a Shadow Fruit or a Buddha Fruit, since they are popular among traders. However, despite its rarity and price range, there are players who will not trade for this fruit.

What Do People Trade For Spider

There’s not much that people can trade for the Spider Fruit, since it got buffed when it got reworked by the developers. It’s even better compared to the Portal and Love Fruit. So, players only have a few choices of fruits, which I have listed below if you want to trade in your Spider Fruit.

  1. Rumble Fruit – This is a small win, you can ask for more but I personally would lock in this trade. Blox Fruits: Spider Value
  2. Control Fruit – Now this fruit is a big win, you can’t ask for more if the player is willing to trade this for a spider. Blox Fruits: Spider Value
  3. Buddha Fruit – The Buddha is without a doubt, the best fruit you can use to trade for items and the best fruit you can have in the game. Blox Fruits: Spider Value
  4. Shadow Fruit – If I were you, I would lock in this trade now! Nothing beats this trade offer than the rest of the list combined. Blox Fruits: Spider Value

These are the only few fruits that players are willing to trade for the Spider Fruit. However, consider yourself lucky if you manage to get a Shadow Fruit. Speaking of the Shadow, here’s a guide on how to trade for the Shadow Fruit using the similar fruits listed above.

Where Do Players Trade In Blox Fruit

The answer to this question is simple, the Cafes in the Second Sea and the Third Sea. But, I suggest you go to the Second Sea first. Assuming that your level is not high enough, this is the only place you can go to trade with other players. The minimum level for trading is Level 700. I will show you how to get into the Cafe found in the Kingdom of Rose. Let’s start shall we?

  1. Obviously, you need to spawn in the Kingdom of Rose Pier or Dock area. This is where you can spawn in boats and ships. Next, you need to look for an NPC that is found by going up the road leading to the village.
  2. When you find the NPC, there is a large entrance that leads to the center of the village as shown in the picture above. Proceed to that entrance and turn right to see another entrance. This time it will lead you to the other half of the village where the Cafe is located. Blox Fruits: Spider ValueBlox Fruits: Spider Value
  3. Proceed inside the cafe and look to your left. You will see a table with 2 seats. I suggest that you send a message in the global chat that you are open to trade, especially when there are no players present in the Cafe. You can start trading when there are enough players in the vicinity. Blox Fruits: Spider Value

To sum it up, you must first reach level 700 to unlock trading and the Second Sea. Carry the listed fruit with you. If you’re the owner of the Spider Fruit, consider accepting the fruits above especially the Shadow Fruit, Buddha Fruit, or Control Fruit. Be wary of the players you will trade with, they will sometimes cancel the trade or will just troll with you.

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