Blox Fruits: T-Rex Fruit Guide & Showcase

Unravel the power of the T-Rex in the new Winter Update!

Blox Fruits: T-Rex Fruit Guide & Showcase Featured Image

The Winter Update 2023 of Blox Fruits is here alongside the roaring addition of the T-Rex Fruit; a powerful asset that gives enemies a glimpse of the Jurrasic past!

Pricing in at $2,700,000 or 2350 Robux, this Mythical Beast-type fruit gives players a skill set of mostly Area of Effect (AOE) attacks that are amplified significantly when transformed into the T-Rex.

Learn all about the T-Rex Fruit’s features, from acquiring it to strategically maximizing its skill sets, in this guide!

T-Rex Fruit Guide & Showcase

Aside from being bought from the Blox Fruit Dealer, the T-Rex can also be obtained via trading with other players or receiving it as gifts from friends. 

You can also acquire it from the Winter Update event in the middle of the island – there will be a small chance that you get the T-Rex fruit from the gifts!

Provided its value, it commands a strong playset as given by its following skills:

  1. Claw Slashes

A series of four attacks consisting of alternating blows with the left and right claws forward, tearing into the opponent simultaneously, and eventually sweeping the surroundings with the tail as a finishing technique.

Blox Fruits: T-Rex Fruit Move 1
  1. Tail Swipe

By sweeping the tail forward, the player creates a wide, deep-green projectile that slices through whatever is in front of it. Requires 1 mastery.

Blox Fruits: T-Rex Fruit Move 2
  1. Predatory Screech

Like Sound X and Ghost C, the player attracts opponents from the frontal fan-shaped area toward you like a fierce wind and then roars back to drive them away. Requires 50 mastery.

Blox Fruits: T-Rex Fruit Move 3
  1. Hunter’s Rage

With razor-sharp claws, the player severs opponents as they surge forward, appearing as a savage animal. Requires 100 mastery.

Blox Fruits: T-Rex Fruit Move 4
  1. Gigantic Leap

The player launches themselves into the air, slamming down on the opposition after landing. Requires 200 mastery.

Blox Fruits: T-Rex Fruit Move 5
  1. Reptilian Scales
Blox Fruits: T-Rex Fruit Move 6

The fruit’s most fascinating component! The player transforms into a Tyrannosaurus Rex, roaring so loudly that meteors drop and the ground quivers. Requires a staggering 300 mastery.

Blox Fruits: T-Rex Fruit Dinosaur Form


  1. Fury Meter
Blox Fruits: T-Rex Fruit Fury Meter

When the user starts off, their “Fury Meter” bar is at 0%. In order for the user to change into a T-rex, their Fury Meter must be fully charged. Over time, while not changed, rage is recovered; when transformed, it drains.

The user’s Fury Meter is reduced when they use moves while changed. The Fury Meter will rise when you take damage while changed. It takes 1 minute and 30 seconds for the rage meter to go from 0% to 100%.

  1. Prey Mark

Your assaults will leave your targets with a prey mark after transformation, leaving them to bleed unceasingly. The tick damage increases with their distance from you.

Blox Fruits: T-Rex Fruit Prey Mark

How To Maximize T-Rex Fruit’s Potential

As mentioned, all of its attacks have an AOE, meaning that it can deal with multiple enemies at the same time, especially when they are relatively near you. 

Another important detail to be taken note of is the Fury Meter as it allows you to transform into the T-Rex once full.

To maximize the efficiency of Gigantic Leap, it’s recommended that you initiate the attack first with this skill in order to start the cooldown quickly; allowing for an emergency escape later in the fight.

Do a quick Tail Swipe then Predator Screech thereafter, causing your opponent to be launched in the distance.

This allows for a quick charge-up with Hunter’s Rage that deals a huge amount of damage when hit. Continue and repeat bombarding the opponent with attacks while saving your Gigantic Leap as backup unless the enemy tries to run away. 

Tides will turn once your Fury Meter is full, allowing you to transform into the T-Rex.

With this activated, not only will your opponent suffer a barrage of falling meteors, they would also have to deal with Prey Mark and an amplified skill set overall.

This concludes the ultimate T-Rex guide and showcase in Blox Fruits. Overall, this fruit is a one-of-a-kind crowd controller, offering a raw and powerful experience that transforms gameplay into a thrilling fight.

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