Brotato: Complete Beginner’s Guide

Everything you should know about Brotato!

You will be in a fierce fighting arena filled with dangerous foes and quick-moving action once you get inside the Brotato. Even though the game might look like easy at first, it might be very difficult for those who just started playing. Know that it is definitely normal for you to struggle at first, but that is why we are writing this guide right now! In this Brotato Complete Beginner’s Guide, we will give you some information and tips to become a professional in no time!

Check out the table of contents we have provided to navigate through the guide easier.

Complete Beginner’s Guide

Let’s talk about some things that might help you a lot as you begin playing Brotato.

Choosing Character & Weapon

  • Best Character Pick: Well Rounded & Ranger.
  • Best Weapon Pick: SMG.

When you first start the game, you will need to pick one of the starting characters and weapons. Choosing the good ones might be very beneficial for you as you start the game. There are 5 starter characters, which are Well-Rounded, Brawler, Crazy, Ranger, and Mage. Each one of them has their own different skills. You can pick your character and weapon however you want. But our advice is to choose either Well Rounded or Ranger for the character, and SMG for the weapon.

Complete Beginner's Guide Brotato

Focusing on The Stats

Once you successfully clear your first stage, you are going to have the chance to upgrade your primary stats for free. Doing that randomly would be a big mistake for you as these stats will help you to begin the game. We recommend you focus on Max HP, Damage, Crit Chance, Life Steal, and the stat related to your weapon first if you can.

For example, focus on Ranged Damage and Range if you have guns or crossbows. If you have any other type of weapons like Elemental or Melee, then focus on those ones.

Complete Beginner's Guide Brotato

Using Your Materials

After completing each wave, you will be able to open the shop and spend your materials for items. However, it is best if you don’t use your materials just because you feel the need to do so. If you don’t have anything that you think you should get right away, holding your materials for a while and spending them later might be beneficial for you to get better items with time.

Complete Beginner's Guide Brotato

If you can get the Piggy Bank item, you can get an additional +20% of your materials at the start of the waves. Owning this might help you a lot to get more materials quickly.

Complete Beginner's Guide Brotato

However, you should also know that your savings will reset once you got defeated. Therefore, do not wait for a long time to spend your earnings.

Having a Good Build

As you progress in the waves, there will be more enemies you will have to deal with. Trying to defeat them one by one on your own might be exhausting and very risky. So, try to use builds to help you out a little bit. You can get Turrets by using an Engineer build and placing them on the ground to get to lessen your burden and make it easier for yourself to stay in the waves much longer.

Complete Beginner's Guide Brotato

Having the Same Type of Weapons

If you have more than one weapon belonging to the same type, you will get buffs to increase your chances. For example, if you have 3 Ethereal weapons, you will have +12% Dodge Chance, and you will have more as you add to that number.

Complete Beginner's Guide Brotato

Reroll the Choices

You will get a chance to get new weapons or stats at the end of each wave. If you are not happy with what you get when you first open the shop, do not hesitate the reroll if you can. It will only cost you 3 Materials for weapons and 10 for Stat upgrades and it is definitely worth giving a try. It won’t cost you much and you will have the chance to get better items to help you in the wave.

Complete Beginner's Guide Brotato

Especially if you are going for a specific build, make sure to reroll to find the items that are compatible with what you are looking for.

Don’t Focus Entirely on the Damage

When you first start a game like Brotato, focusing on the damage might look like the best idea for you. But actually, it isn’t. Dealing more damage to the enemies might be beneficial for some time, but as the waves go higher you will get a lot of damage too. Therefore, you should also focus on Max HP and Armor to make sure that you don’t die while trying to give more damage to your rivals.

Complete Beginner's Guide Brotato

That does not mean that you should not focus on the damage at all, but just make sure that you are upgrading the things that will protect you as well.

Pay Attention to Your Character’s Stats

One of the reasons that it is important to choose the right character for yourself is that each one of them has different stats. If you do not play the game according to those stats, you will most likely to fail very soon. For example, if you have an Engineer character, try to build your game around it and purchase things that might be helpful to that character, and try to not get irrelevant items just because they look better.

Complete Beginner's Guide Brotato

Adjust the Settings

One of the best parts of Brotato is that you can change the settings like Enemy health, Enemy damage, and Enemy speed separately. It might take you some time to get used to everything in the game when you first start it. So do not hesitate to change those settings and give yourself some time to practice and learn some things to become a better player. You can always change them back again, so don’t try to start the game with the most difficult settings at the beginning.

Complete Beginner's Guide Brotato


These are the things you should know as a beginner player in Brotato. Starting the game with these pieces of information will definitely help you to progress quicker and much easier. Make sure to keep everything we mentioned in your mind as you are making your first choices, and have fun playing the game.

We benefitted from the youtube video of Nuzzy a lot while preparing this guide, so make sure to check out his youtube channel as well!

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