Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders: Is There A Reason To Get 100% Reputation in Region?

Trying to 100% any Region in Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders is tough. Is it worth it?

Title screen in Robin Hood - Sherwood Builders.
Ready to begin an epic quest? Or... all of them?

Any fan of Robin Hood — or fun games for that matter — probably already knows about Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders. Released a few weeks ago, it’s a surprisingly fun combination of action-adventure RPG, crafting, survival, base (or should I say village) building, and more. At release it’s a pretty dense game overall, but some players have question: Is there a reason to get 100% Reputation in Region?

After all, the game is extensive and quite fun, so it’s no wonder that so many players want to see that 100% rating. In this quick guide, I’ll share my thoughts on the whole matter, as well as try to definitively answer that question.

Is There A Reason To Get 100% Reputation in Region?

At the end of the day, Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders is all about building your village, fighting off the oppressive forces of the Sheriff of Nottingham, and pretty much having a grand time doing it.

When it comes to games that are all about exploring a densely populated world that you can influence, it’s only natural for people to want to complete the game. If you want to learn all the secrets, you’ll also need to learn how to pick locks as Robin!

Tracking Reputation in Robin Hood - Sherwood Builders
Prepare to see this. A lot.

For those who’ve been having their fair share of fun, they’ve likely noticed that after many hours of play, they’ve got a decent amount of reputation for specific regions. It’s a good idea to get your start by learning the location of Pine Wood — one of the most important items in the game.

What Regions are available in the game?

As of the moment, here are the available Regions in this title:

Barnsdale Region

  • Most players will be plenty aware of the Barnsdale Region, as you’ll encounter many of your first quests within this area of the game. Keep an eye out for the various quests line up for you, as Barnsdale has quite a bit! The Town of Wentbridge in particular will have many quests for those looking for the elusive 100% Reputation. It’s the Northeastern Area of your map.

Sherwood Forest Region

  • This is pretty much Robin of Loxley’s home, and it’s… well, it’s a forest. In the stories of Robin Hood, this is where the legendary outlaw would steal from the rich and give to the poor. Of course, since it’s a forest you’ll find your fair share of quests and resources. It’s the Southeastern Area of your map.

Peak District Region

  • The Peak District Region is a place you won’t be able to fully explore until you’ve gone through a many of the early portions of Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders. The way is blocked via drawbridges, so you’ll just have to go back here later if you’re new. One thing to remember about this Region is the fact that many of the Quest givers will be spread out. It’s a pretty big place, so make sure to comb through the area carefully!You’ll find this Region in the Northwestern Area of your map.

Midlands Region

  • The Midlands Region is the home of the Seat of Power within the game: Nottingham. If you’re a fan of the legends, you’ll know that the Sheriff of Nottingham was constantly bested by Robin Hood in various scenarios. Keep in mind, however, that Nottingham will house many powerful enemies. It’s not the kind of place you should make too much trouble in — at least if you don’t want to end your run early. You’ll find the Midlands Region in the Southwestern Area of your map.
The Map in Robin Hood - Sherwood builders
This whole map will be filled before this task is over.

Naturally, if you want to ensure that you get 100% on any Region, you’ll have to pay attention to every quest and event that comes your way. Sometimes, you’ll have to pick through the area with a fine-toothed comb to get what you need. So yeah, make sure that you know how to make bows and arrows in the game!

Keep in mind that it is surprisingly difficult to succeed in this task.

Wait what? How difficult are we talking about?

Very difficult. For example, all those goods you’ve stolen — have you sold any of them? Then you’ve already failed to 100% at least one Region in the game.

The key to getting 100% in a Region is as follows:

  • Finish all the Quests – This is pretty self-explanatory. You’ll want to head to any and every Quest giver in the game and handle their requests without failing.
  • Trigger all Overworld Events – This one will take a very long while. It can also be surprisingly difficult, as it’s easy to fail the Beheading and Hanging events if you aren’t paying attention. This also includes the Camps, but there’s no way to fail that one.
  • Return All Stolen Goods – This is what separated Robin Hood from the rest of the outlaws. If you sell even one thing from the Stolen Goods quests, you cannot 100% that Region.

It’s a pretty big ask, isn’t it?

SIDE NOTE: I’ve got an extensive guide and overview concerning the Skill Tree in the game, if you’re interested.

What exactly do I get for getting 100% Reputation in any Region?

Now here comes the big question. Let’s start with the achievements that come with getting 100%, shall we?

Tracking a Quest in Robin Hood - Sherwood Builders
You’ll need to pay close attention to these quests!
  • Raised in a Barnsdale – You have done everything in your power to help the people of Barnsdale by achieving 100% Reputation there.
  • The Peak of Archery – You have done everything in your power to help the people of Peak District by achieving 100% Reputation there.
  • I Speak for the Trees – You have done everything in your power to help the people of Sherwood Forest by achieving 100% Reputation there.
  • Claim Victory – You have done everything in your power to help the people in the Midlands by achieving 100% Reputation there.

The achievements are all well and good, but that’s not the only thing you are rewarded for getting the job done. For example, getting 100% in a single Region will get you an extremely useful Backpack that offers 24 extra slots and 50 extra carry weight. It’s a perfect tool for those who have the Master Key. Interested in that item? Here’s our guide on how to get the Master Key.

Is it worth going through the trouble for 100% Reputation?

Even with the achievements and the items, it’s honestly hard to tell if this is the right move for you. Ask yourself: Are you the type of person who prefers to go through difficult challenges to get achievements within games?

Are you the kind of person who would happily grind hour after hour for that 100% completion bonus?

Taking on Quests in Robin Hood - Sherwood Forest
You’ll also need to speak with all the quest givers in the game — such as Little John over here.

If you ask me, it’s not necessarily worth doing this unless you have your heart set on 100% completion. Not every gamer wants to fully complete the games they own. Sometimes, they just want to have fun and let the cards fall where they may. Of course, you’ll also need to learn how to repair weapons so you can keep up the fight!

Trying to get 100% Reputation will also severely restrict what you can do within the game. If you want to be free to play the way you like, then I recommend that you play the way you want.

Once again — is there a reason to get 100% Reputation in Region?

If it’s a simple yes and no you’re looking for, then yes, there is. That said, whether you’re willing to go through it or not depends on how you like to play your games.

Oh also, while you’re here, make sure you learn how to solve the Roche Abbey Puzzle!


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