Call Of Duty MW3 (2023): 2-Fer Trophy Guide

Time to line up those shots!

Call Of Duty MW3 2023 2 Fer Trophy Guide

There are a lot of different trophies or achievements that you can get in the new Call of Duty MW3 (2023). Some of them can be quite a challenge though, like shooting a gun in mid-air or having consecutive 2-enemy kills with one shot. That’s the 2-fer trophy for the game and it’s one of the easier challenges to do, all you need to do is be patient.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can do the 2-Fer Trophy in Call of Duty MW3. Now let’s see how well you can line up those shots!

2-Fer Trophy Guide

In the 4th mission of the campaign, you’ll be with Price and will be given an EBR-14. To get the 2-Fer trophy, you’ll need to get 5 consecutive 2-enemy kills with 1 bullet.

That means you’ll have to kill 2 enemies with one bullet 5 times in a row, so get ready to position yourself for those shots.

Starting from where you gain control of your character, follow the path in front of you to the left and stay hidden.

There, you’ll see a car with a couple of guards patrolling the path. You can use the scout drone to find them and mark them to keep track of them better.

Call Of Duty MW3 (2023) 2 Kill Aim 1

Line up your shot and wait for both guards to be in line with your shot as shown above. You don’t need to do a headshot, a torso shot can kill both of them.

Take the shot and continue following the path. If you miss just reload from the checkpoint.

The next group is near a ruined wall as shown below. You might need to wait for them to line up so take your time and be patient.

Call Of Duty MW3 (2023) 2 Kill Aim 2

Once you kill them, go towards the walls in front of you. You’ll go inside an area where there’s a bunch of wrecked tanks. Near the entrance, a couple of guards are lined up perfectly for a shot.

Call Of Duty MW3 (2023) 2 Kill Aim 3

Go through the area and you’ll spot another pair of guards at the other end of this junk area. They’ll be moving around so line up your shot like shown below and wait for the perfect moment.

Call Of Duty MW3 (2023) 2 Kill Aim 4

To the left is a set of concrete blocks next to a broken piece of the wall. Climb on top of it and use the drone to check for the enemies.

There’s a couple more guards near the wall as shown below and they’ll be in the perfect spot for a shot. Kill them and that should be 5 consecutive 2-Fers!

That’s pretty much it! Make sure to go check out our guide on the Your Tax Dollars At Work trophy if you haven’t already!

Call Of Duty MW3 (2023) 2 Kill Aim 5

That’s how you get the 2-Fer Trophy in Call of Duty MW3 (2023). Now, go out there and try to get it yourself!

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