Call Of Duty MW3 (2023): Floater Trophy Guide

Just jump onto the building!

Call Of Duty MW3 2023 Floater Trophy Guide

The Call of Duty series has always had a lot of trophies and achievements that you can try to get in their games. Some of them can be quite challenging, while others need just a bit of timing and an item. One of the trophies you can get in Call of Duty MW3 (2023) needs you to get a specific item and just jump to a building, sounds simple enough right?

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get the Floater Trophy Guide in Call of Duty MW3 (2023). Now, let’s get that parachute and jump into the building!

Floater Trophy Guide

In the 2nd Mission: Precious Cargo of the campaign, you’ll be sent into an Open Combat mission.

Once you get control of your character, go directly in front of you where you can see this car in looking at a container. Go open that container to get the item we need.

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Call Of Duty MW3 (2023) Container

That item is a Parachute which you can get inside the container next to some other items. Might as well get the armor plates, since you might get shot at while going to the next area.

Call Of Duty MW3 (2023) Parachute

Now, go out of the container turn left and follow the road. You’ll see this giant yellow crane that carries containers around.

You’ll want to get to its side where there’s a ladder. Go on top of the crane, so we can see where we’re jumping.

Call Of Duty MW3 (2023) Crane

Wait for the crane to get close to the building next to it, and then jump into the building. Use your parachute to get there by opening it up right after you jump!

Once you get on the roof, you’ll get the achievement!

Call Of Duty MW3 (2023) Jump With Parachute

That’s how you get the Floater Trophy in Call of Duty MW3 (2023). Now, go out there and try to get it yourself!

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