Clover Retribution: Codes November 2023

Don’t forget to claim them in time!

Clover Retribution: Codes November 2023
Clover Retribution: Codes November 2023

There are a ton of codes you can use in Clover Retribution for November if you haven’t been claiming them. These codes will give you free spins and the ability to reset stat points. Definitely the kind of rewards that will give you a better kick start in the game or when you’re bored with your current playstyle. Don’t wait until they expire!

And if you’re looking for more guides on Clover Retribution, here’s a complete guide for the Exams and Tundra from Update 1.

Working Codes for November 2023

These are free rewards in the form of codes that you can claim in-game. We’ve similarly shared free codes for other Roblox games you might be missing out like Radiant Residents, Anime Adventures, and Blade Ball.

To claim the codes, use the chat system and type out the codes as written here. You’re going to see a notification on your screen when you’ve typed them correctly. And without further ado, here are codes working for November 2023:

  • update1part1 – free 20 spins
  • !halloweenupdate – free 6 spins
  • !4klikes – free 6 spins
  • !7klikes – free 3 spins
  • !miniupdatelater – free spins (only for new servers)
  • !2millvisits – free spins
  • !drdwert – rewards
  • 14klikes – rewards
  • !halloweenstats – reset stat point
  • !clover_release2 – rewards

Make sure that you’re claiming these in time because they won’t be here forever. And those are all the free November codes you can claim in Clover Retribution!

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