Clover Retribution: Medusa Update Guide & Toji Weapon Showcase

A new update with a bunch of new stuff!

Clover Retribution Medusa Update Guide & Toji Weapon Showcase

Massive content updates are always a treat for players since they’ll have a lot of new stuff to play with and experience. That’s the beauty of live service games since you’ll get to see new stuff all the time.

In Clover Retribution, there is the new Medusa update that has added a bunch of new content to the game. Not only that but there’s also a new Toji weapon that you can use for your character. There is so much in this update that you might not even find all of it!

In this guide, we’ll show you what the new update has to offer so that you don’t miss anything. We’ll go through the new content and weapons as well as a showcase of the latter, so that you can look forward to it! Now, let’s see what this new update is all about!

Medusa Update Guide & Toji Weapon Showcase

The new Medusa update for Clover Retribution adds a ton of stuff from new items to raids and a new unique weapon. The developers aren’t stopping though because more stuff is going to be added in the future so for now here’s the new content!

New Codes

Of course, we’ll start with the free stuff because everyone loves free rolls in the game! The new update added two new codes that you can use so here they are:

  • sandmagic – +45 To All Spins
  • sandmagic2 – +85 To Race Spins

New Raids And Rewards

Along with the new codes, we also have the new Medusa Raid which the update is named after. You can go to this raid by heading to the Grasslands and looking for a massive door. When you go in with your party, you can then fight the new Medusa, The Cursed Gorgon boss as shown below.

Clover Retribution Medusa Boss
Challenge yourself with your team with this new boss!

Of course, since this is a raid there are also rewards for clearing it. Here are the rewards that you can get in the raid:

  • Gorgon Spear
  • Gorgon Earrings
  • Gorgon Hammer
  • Gorgon Token

Sand Magic

There is also a new type of magic in the game called Sand Magic which is perfect for tank characters. It has a passive skill where all damage you receive is reduced by 15 points. Not only that, but a 4-Leaf Grimoire makes it, so your attacks have a chance to inflict poison!

Here are all the moves that you can get for Sand Magic in the game.

Sand Swipe

The first skill for Sand Magic is a quick move called Sand Swipe. You shoot out some sand in front of you in a half-circle that can damage enemies. The windup is quick and you can easily get enemies with this move.

Clover Retribution Sand Magic Sand Swipe
Let’s resist the urge to call this move Pocket Sand!

Sand Storm

The second move is Sand Storm which conjures an AOE around you for a few seconds. This move is extremely powerful since the AOE is centered around you and you can still attack while it’s active. So, make sure to use your M1 attacks to add to the damage of the move!

Clover Retribution Sand Magic Sand Storm
You can still attack with M1 while the AOE is active!

Sand Tsunami

For the third move, we have the Sand Tsunami which shoots out a wave of sand in front of you. The wave travels forward and will knock back anyone that is, it can also hit multiple enemies.

Clover Retribution Sand Magic Sand Tsunami
Knock back your enemies with a Tsunami!

Sand Shield

The last move for Sand Magic is Sand Shield which lets protect you from damage as long as the shield is active. With the right build, you can easily not take damage while the shield is on which makes this great for tanking!

Clover Retribution Sand Magic Sand Shield
It’s one of the best tanking abilities in the game!

New Toji Weapon

Of course, last but not least, we have the new Toji weapon which is called the Divine Nullifier in the game. It has a level requirement of Level 250 and has the following stats:

  • +18 Slashing Damage
  • +8 CON
  • +8 DR Breach

But if you have the Divine Restriction Trait, the stats change to the following:

  • +28 Slashing Damage
  • +5 DEX
  • +5 STR
  • +8 CON
  • +10 DR Breach
Clover Retribution Toji Weapon
It has some flashy moves!

The weapon itself has 3 moves which are the Crushing Blade, Spinning Rush, and Triple Slash. It also has a unique M2 move that can cancel some spells!

That’s all of the new content added with the Medusa Update in Clover Retribution. Now, go out there and try and get the new content! Want to try and fight Toji in the game? Check out our How to Fight Apex (Toji) Guide for more details!


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