Clover Retribution: Update 1 Complete Guide | Exams & Tundra

Everything you’ll need to know about Update 1 – Part 1!

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We just got the first part of Clover Retribution Update 1. Meanwhile, we will be getting Part 2 sometime next week, unless something goes wrong, of course. They added quite a chunky bit to the game and new content for us to experience and explore. In this guide, we’re going to check out everything Update 1 has to offer so far. There’s a new awesome zone/area, called the Tundra. Let’s take a look.

Update 1 Complete Guide | Exams & Tundra

Before we get into the juicy stuff, it’s worth knowing that the new max level is now 150, which is just reasonable considering there’s more content. There are also a couple new main story quests that you can take. It’ll also lead you to the new Tundra zone, which we’ll talk about in the guide.

Exams & Capital Siege Dungeon

First, let’s talk about the Exams. It’s a dungeon added in the latest update. Basically, the premise of the dungeon is that you’ll have to defend the city from the undead, and there will be a final boss as well.

In order to reach the exams location. You’ll have to make your way to the Clover City Capital and go in front of the Arena. There, you’ll be able to find the Exams NPC right in front.

You can do them solo or with a team. After you choose your difficulty, the exam/dungeon will proceed.

Clover Retribution: Update 1 Exams Dungeon


Up next, for the location of the Tundra zone, feel free to refer to the map image down below. The entrance is right next to the Wind Mages as well.

Now, the Tundra is no-joke zone. There’s lots of strong enemies here like Yetti’s and you get dealt by damage-per-second from the frostbite. It’s also hard to navigate around the area as it’s pretty much covered in snowstorm.

It’s a very spacious zone and there’s lots to explore. I won’t be spoiling you too much but be careful as there are cliffs that you can fall down to. If that does happen for you, look for ladders so that you can climb back up. There’s also an interesting parkour zone past the village.

Clover Retribution: Update 1 Tundra Map Image

Speaking of village, there’s actually a town or village somewhere in the Tundra where you’ll get access to a blacksmith and strong weapons. We’ll talk about that in a bit.

First, here’s how you can reach the Tundra Village. Refer to the image/s below:

  1. First, head straight
  2. Once you arrive at the end. Go right and keep hugging the wall to your left.
  3. Keep looking to your left and you’ll be able to see some stairs.
  4. Once you find the stairs, just keep following the path
  5. You’ll eventually see two consecutive bridges. Go past those and you’ll arrive at the village.
Clover Retribution: Update 1 Tundra Village how to get there

Clover Retribution: Update 1 Tundra Village location

Now, if you want to go back simply look for the shrine that you first see when you enter the Tundra Village, and talk to the NPC.

Clover Retribution: Update 1 Tundra Village shrine to return

New Weapons, Armor & Tundra Blacksmith

As mentioned before, you’ll have access to a couple new equipment from the Tundra zone. You’ll be able to do so by collecting certain materials from the mobs in the Tundra and crafting them in the Blacksmith in the Tundra Village.

For the location, once you arrive the village, make your way straight and then you’ll arrive at a forked path. You’ll have to go right there.

Afterwards, turn left and you’ll be able to see a building to your right, which has a “sign” hanging in-front as shown in the image below. Then, you’ll be able to see the NPC on the left of the building, chilling right next to a fire.

Here are the new weapons and armor that you can craft, as well as the requirements/cost. For the 3 new equipment, which are the first 3 one on the list below, you’ll be able to get the materials from mobs in the Tundra as mentioned below.

  • Yetti Horn Sword – 1x Yeti Horn, 1x Wolf Fur, 1x Frozen lily, 3x Yetti fur – 6750 Gold (30% chance to craft)
  • Yetti Horn Spear – 6x Yeti Horn, 2x Wolf Fur, 1x Frozen lily, 5x Yetti fur – 6750 Gold (30% chance to craft)
  • Frostweave Regalia – 5x Wolf Fur, 2x Frozen lily, 5x Yetti fur – 3250 Gold
  • Ogrehide Vanguard – 5x Wolf Fur, Ogre Hide, 5x Ogre Bone – 2000 Gold
  • Ogrebane Pike – 6x Ogre Bone, x10 Iron – 2000 Gold
  • Ogrebane Ironblade – 1x Sword Hilt, 3x Ogre Bone, 7x Iron – 1875 Gold
Clover Retribution: Update 1 Tundra Village blacksmith

Dreadscale – New Race

We also have our first new race for this update, which is the new mythical dragon hybrid race, Dreadscale. The race will feature race progression in the future, which will delve into the elements.

At Level 50, players get a fear move that both does damage and is evasive. The fear move is called Dragon Fear.

Moreover, this race has:

  • 15% slashing & bludgeoning resistance
  • 20% extra HP
  • 10% constitution strength
  • 5% intelligence

This is pretty good for a tanky melee type of class because you get the extra strength and extra constitution, plus 20% HP. You get a 5% intelligence, so it actually may not be bad for a hybrid build as well.

If you’re trying to go for a hybrid build, it may not be bad because you get the extra strength and extra HP straight off. So, you don’t have to spec so much into it, and you can spend a little more into intelligence.

All-in-all, it’s probably a pretty good race if you’re going for a tanky mage type of build.

Clover Retribution: Update 1 Dreadscale New Race

Water, Flame & Lightning Magic

There are also 3 new types of magic introduced in the update, which are Water, Flame and Lightning. For more details on the capabilities of each magic, feel free to check out our Clover Retribution: Best Magic Tier List which is up to date for Update 1.

Clover Retribution: Update 1 New Magic

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about Update 1’s Part 1 in Clover Retribution. We assume there’ll be a lot more content for this area, especially around Christmas, as it’s a perfect fit for the occasion, but we’ll see. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

Do you want to read more about Clover Retribution? Make sure to check out our Ultimate Clover Retribution Wiki for everything you’ll need. It’s brimming with information like NPCs, Locations, Bosses, progression and more!

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