Clover Retribution: Demon Union & Locations

Make a deal with the devil, or don’t, it’s your call, I guess.

Clover Retribution recently released a massive update that expands on the game’s progression system, allowing you to become even more powerful with a bit of a catch, depending on how you approach it. In this guide, we’ll tell you more about demon unions and how you can find them in the map.

Demon Union & Locations

If you are still a bit out of the loop, check out our complete devil update guide to get a more in-depth look at all the new stuff that came with that patch, including a quick overview of the devil rifts that we’ll be talking about here.

Basically, these will give you a chance to interact with a randomly generated devil who will offer you its power for a price. It is essentially a temporary stat boost that you can activate every now and then.

To determine what stat a devil primarily boosts, you can check the color of the portal. Here are the possible colors and their corresponding stats:

  • Red – Constitution
  • Orange – Strength
  • Yellow – Dexterity
  • Purple – Intelligence

As to which is more useful to have, that will be for you to decide as everyone has their own distinct build. These can be rerolled through certain means anyway, so don’t stress too much about it.

Also, they come in different tiers. You can somewhat tell what category a devil falls under by checking the portal. If it has black lightning all around it, it is tier 3 or above, and if it does not, then the devil is either 1 or 2.

Clover Retribution player approaching a purple portal

Devil Rift Spawn Points

As of writing this, there are five different possible places in the map where a devil rift can spawn. There will be a chat notification indicating that one has appeared, and you’ll have to check each location to see if it’s there.

The following are the known possible locations, as well as a map image that has been marked with places confirmed to be accurate by the pinned section of the game’s official Discord server:

  • Desert Spot #1 – Southwest corner of the Desert Village.
  • Desert Spot #2 – Middle eastern part of the rocky half of the Desert biome.
  • Grasslands Spot #1 – Inside the Devil’s Route (more on this further down the guide).
  • Grasslands Spot #2 – Inside the caves near/under the Unnamed Village.
  • Tundra Spot #1 – In the northwestern corner of the entire region.
Clover Retribution map with all the possible spawn points for devil rifts highlighted

Entering Devil’s Route – Finding the Advocate

Sometimes, a portal can spawn in the secret location known as the Devil’s Route. In order to access this location, you must go southeast of the lake and stand in front of the rock shown in the image below.

While there, you have to type “darkness unveils the truth” in the chat box while standing in the right spot. If you did it correctly, a door should appear, which you can enter to be teleported to the Devil’s Route.

Clover Retribution player about to enter devil's route

Inside, you will find the Devil’s Advocate, Fabio. He will offer various devil-related services at a price, including items that will allow you to reroll your devil’s appearance or their stats. You can buy these from him using Robux too, though we don’t recommend it.

Once you know how to get here, make sure to check it whenever a devil rift spawn in the map. This is likely where you will find it if it is somehow not in any of the other places in the map shared earlier.

NOTE: You might need to complete a quest before you can do this, so make sure to do all of the story objectives as they become available to you!

Clover Retribution player inside devil's route

Acquiring and Recharging a Devil

Once you find a portal and are the first person to do so, you may challenge the devil inside. We recommend simply fighting it to form a union as it is generally not worth sacrificing in order to get a 50% boost from it.

Basically, an unbound contract can be earned by defeating the devil in a solo fight. If successful, your stat boosts from it will be 80% instead of the bound contract’s 50%, and it won’t cost you anything at all.

Aura + How to Recharge Mana

You can activate the stat boost any time by pressing the T button, which will cause the devil’s aura to appear around your character. While this mode is active, you will slowly lose devilish mana.

In order to recharge this mana and continue using the buff, you must use soul fragments. Simply put, these things are randomly dropped by any NPC you can kill in the game, so just pick your poison. Bosses supposedly have a better drop rate for these.

In addition to this, you can increase the stat boost from the aura by completing certain tasks given by the devil itself. These will vary depending on its personality, but here is a quick summary of possible objectives:

  • Arrogant Devil – Kill bosses solo (100% damage must be done by you) and consuming greater soul fragments
  • Vengeful Devil – Killing other players or bosses.
  • Mysterious Devil – Completing a quest that is at least level 150 or finishing events that give EXP.
Clover Retribution player fighting a boss

It is said that this feature will be expanded on even further in the future, but for now, this is pretty much everything you need to know about the new devil union feature in the game.

While you’re here, consider checking out our best magic tier list for Clover Retribution as well. It has been updated recently, and it should help you figure out what magic to go for if you’re going to be grinding up your devil union percentage!


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