Clover Retribution: How To Spawn Lily’s & Location

Faith is a Lily, lifted high and white.

Clover Retribution has plenty of quests to keep both Roblox and anime fans occupied. These quests include fighting enemies, collecting items and so much more. Some of these quests will have you collecting particular flowers, in the form of Blue, Mana and Fire Lilies.

However, the problem is that these flowers can be incredibly difficult to locate. Many times, there are other flowers in their place that are not as desirable. There is also no clear way to ensure that lilies spawn more regularly. In this guide, we will show you how you can spawn lilies and the best locations to find them. Let’s dive in!

How To Spawn Lily’s & Location

Flowers spawn all throughout the map in Clover Retribution. These spawn points are fixed and they are more frequent in certain locations than others. However, before we dive into the locations, we will show you how to spawn lilies. This will ensure that you can get the most out of these locations.

Spawning Lilies Method

Blue, Mana and Fire lilies are rare flowers that spawn much less than others. Most of the time, Grass spawns in these locations which is not as desirable. As a result, most players end up ignoring Grass and just moving on to other locations.

This is a mistake which reduces your chances of finding Lilies. You should always pick up Grass whenever you see it. This is because this gives Lilies a chance to respawn at these points. After a while, you can return to these locations and check if a Lily has spawned.

By removing Grass, you are ensuring that Lily’s will spawn much faster. In this way, you can farm more of them.

Obtained Grass in Clover Retribution.

Location #1 – Near Unnamed Village

There is an area near the Unnamed Village where there are many flower spawns. It is around the same area where you can find the Blue Lilies quest giver.

Check around the grassy areas to locate these spawn points. Make sure you look thoroughly as Grass can often blend in. You want to get all these Grasses to ensure that Lilies have a chance to spawn.

Area near Unnamed Village in Clover Retribution.

Location #2 – Between Long Forgotten Tower and Grasslands Forest

There are a few flower spawn points that you can find in the grassy cliffs between the Long Forgotten Tower and Grasslands Forest. Make sure that you check the corners among the cliffs, as there are some points hidden here.

Grasslands Forest cliffs in Clover Retribution.

Location #3 – Near Aetherstone Isle Raid Gate

There are some cliffs that are towards the left of the Aetherstone Isle gate. Normally, you would go towards this gate to start the raid to get Runes.

When you reach this cliff, you will find around 5-7 flower spawn points. However, these will be less in number compared to the area near Unnamed Village.

Aetherstone Isle Raid Gate in Clover Retribution.

Location #4 – Near Riverbanks

Last, but not least, you can find flower spawns near Riverbanks that are scattered all throughout the map. Riverbanks are quite long so you can run along the length and look at the edges.

River Banks in Clover Retribution.

We recommend that you cycle through all these locations and grab all flowers that you see, including Grass. After that, you can return to the first location. By that time, new flowers will have spawned, and you can hopefully get more Lilies among them.

Do you want to read more about Clover Retribution? Make sure to check out our Ultimate Clover Retribution Wiki for everything you’ll need. It’s brimming with information like NPCs, Locations, Bosses, progression and more!

That’s everything you need to know about spawning Lilies, including their locations. Make sure that you do not ignore Grass, even if it is useless for you. Grass can very easily blend into the environment compared to other flowers. So, be vigilant and you should have plenty of Lilies by the end. You may even find some better locations for spawns if you do some exploring!

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